Transgender BLM organizer attacked in Rochester

Rochester Transgender Attack

The two suspects were filmed after the attack (just off camera) entering a store. / Photo Rochester Police Video

A black transgender man was attacked on Rochester’s east side Friday in what police say is a possible hate crime.
The Democrat and Chronicle reports that the 30-year-old trans man and another person age 23 were beaten by two males who shouted gay slurs during the attack. The victim, a Rochester Black Lives Matters organizer suffered multiple wounds and fractures.

In postings on social media, friends of the person hospitalized have listed his injuries as a broken eye socket, three cheekbone fractures, a corneal abrasion, bruised retina, sprained jaw, and broken tooth, along with a concussion.

“Yesterday my dear friend, and fellow organizer was physically assaulted while traveling with my other dear friend on the streets of our very city in what was without QUESTION a hate crime. He’s been hospitalized, is scheduled for surgery…[]”

The attack occurred about 1 p.m. Friday on the city’s east side at Denver Street and Parsells Avenue.

One of the attackers wore a black t-shirt, black Nike shorts with a white swoosh on the left leg. The other wore a white tank top, dark shorts, and a white shirt on his head.

If you know the males, please call TelephoneCrimeStoppersTelephone 423-9300.

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