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The Blame Game: How the Trans Community has been Accused of Murder

Days after Charlie Sheen announced that he was HIV +, MTV ran an article called, “Quit ‘Slut’ Shaming Charlie Sheen – We must not promote a climate of shame around sex and HIV.” The article concluded by stating, “So if your immediate instinct upon hearing the news is to shame Sheen’s sex life or sex workers, you’re failing in both the compassion and information departments. Just don’t do it”

718Fast forward ten days and type ‘Charlie Sheen’ into any Google search and the number one auto-fill-in algorithm is ‘transgender.’ It was revealed later in November that Mr. Sheen was linked to a woman who is transgender and the Mirror in the UK immediately jumped on the assumed freak factor of being transgender by announcing, “Charlie Sheen fears transsexual man he hired gave him HIV.”

The Mirror continues, “The source said: “Charlie has for a long time had a fascination with ­transsexual men,” meaning women who are transgender, thus incorrectly misgendering and using incorrect pronouns when referring to a Trans woman.

This revelation was so “shocking” that Kylie Jenner was “freaked out” when she found out her boyfriend Tyga was linked to the same transgender woman, Mia Isabella. A “source” told In Touch: “As soon as Kylie’s mom, Kris [Jenner], found out about Tyga’s connection to the same transgender woman that Charlie was involved with, she went ballistic.”

Naturally Tyga denied any involvement with the trans actress and he and Kylie reconciled within days of the “freak out,” but as we are continued to be told to not slut shame Charlie Sheen, Tyga, Sheen and the media continue to slut shame the trans actress caught in the fire storm of Sheen’s 5,000 women escapade that may or may not have given him HIV.

Ted Cruz, not wanting to be left out of the clown car of trans bashing going on in the media, took a piece of information from an obscure right wing website and ran with it. Late last week, the Gateway Pundit – which describes itself as a right-of-center news website – claimed that the Planned Parenthood shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, is a “transgendered[sic] leftist activist.”

717Cruz, as well as all of the Republican Candidates, are trying to play down the role that their anti-abortion rhetoric may have played into Dear’s motivation for the shooting. During an Iowa campaign stop, a reporter asked Cruz if Dear’s statement “no more baby parts,” a line taken from the now discredited Planned Parenthood videos and one that Carley Fiorino repeatedly uses, countered that it may have been that Dear was a “transgendered[sic] leftist activist.”

Twenty four hours later, Breitbart, SooperMexican, Reddit, The Heavy, and The Right Scoop among others were littering twitter with the story line that the Colorado Shooter was transgender.  In typical Twitter fashion, the allegation seemed almost expected:

November 28, 2015


Sheen and Cruz are on par with societies demonization of people who are transgender pushing the meme that trans folk are somehow dangerous to woman, children and the fabric of healthy relationships and should be feared, however currently, there have been more high level government employees arrested for bathroom misconduct than trans folk, who are sitting at a comfortable ‘no incident level.’

MTV may be trying to play the neutral ground when asking the media not to ‘slut shame’ Charlie Sheen, but was it at the expense of ‘slut shaming’ the trans community and at what point will the mainstream media stop accusing people who are transgender of being a danger to society?

Claire-Renee Kohner
My name is Claire-Renee Kohner and in January of 2014, I came out as transgender. My family fully supports my transition and, along with the Minneapolis trans community, my transition has been extremely positive. My journey should be fun, so keep your arms and legs inside the cart, it's going to be a wild ride.



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