Black Trans woman Sadaisha Shimmers jailed as a male after asking to speak to Hillary Clinton

The police are out of control.

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Police booked Sadaisha Shimmers as male despite her DL indicating female and strip-searched repeatedly by male guards.

Shimmers posted on youtube that on the 1st of April she requested to speak to Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Ellen Degeneres show. That request was followed up by a violent assault by police the next day.

Shimmers said on Facebook that she lives in a transphobic boarding house and called 911 so she could leave safely. The police said they couldn’t respond and she was told to come to the station to fill out a complaint. As she was leaving to do this she was slammed to the ground and detained without charges for 24 hours.

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Shimmers said during that time she was stripped searched by 6 male officers and again by a male officer. They illegally changed her legal gender from female to male on her booking information.

Shimmers said she wanted to talk to Clinton “about the 20 transgender deaths in our country, the lack of military inclusion and the segregation that is being lobbied for jails and bathrooms in our country” She said “I was leaving my place of residence where I was thrown on the ground by two male officers. She says that she was subsequently held and detained in a downtown San Francisco jail for 24 hours, without food or critical medication.”

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