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Bitch Planet Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick Seeking Input from Trans Community

Bitch Planet

Are you a fan of comic books? Have you been reading Kelly Sue DeConnick’s fabulous series, Bitch Planet?

Bitch Planet
Kelly Sue DeConnick

If so, you might be interested to know that she is currently looking to speak with women readers who are trans about upcoming characters and plot lines for the series. In particular, she is hoping to hear from POC who are active within the trans community, and prior knowledge of Bitch Planet’s first 4 issues would of course would be preferred. Outside of that, DeConnick assures those who contact her that their information will be protected and she will not be asking invasive questions about anyone’s anatomy:

I have no interest in, and will not ask about your anatomy, sexuality or personal history. Instead, I intend to tell you about characters and storylines to come, and solicit your thoughts and opinions.” – SOURCE

If you would like to be considered for consultation on these upcoming character and storyline comments, email DeConnick at with “Consultant Inquiry” written in the subject line.

Bitch Planet

Kelly Sue DeConnick, who was recently heralded as the “Future of Women in Comics” by Vanity Fair, has long been providing outstanding writing for women characters across many major publications. At Marvel comics, she is widely credited with bringing the absolute best writing EVER to Captain Marvel, while simultaneously challenging sexism in the comic book industry head on, and continues to receive high praise for her work with last months Issue #1 of Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps. At DC Comics DeConnick was also credited with being only the 2nd woman to ever write for Supergirl and her 3-issue arch “This Is Not My Life” is regarded as one of the best stories penned for the kryptonian heroine so far.

Outside of the two juggernaut publishers, DeConnick has also written a number of series at Dark Horse Comics and IDW. Last year she was nominated for Best Writer in the 2014 Eisner Award for her Pretty Deadly series at Image Comics.

So, if you’ve already been reading Bitch Planet and you’re involved in the trans community then please consider reaching out to DeConnick! If you haven’t checked out the series yet then, like, get out to your local comic store and get caught up anyways!

Nillin Dennison
Nillin is the owner and operator of Derby Frontier, a blog focused on the culture, community, and gender politics of flat track roller derby; which recently won 2nd Place in the LGBT category and 3rd Place in the Sports & Recreation category of the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards. Outside of blogging, Nillin is passionately involved with trans activism across southern Saskatchewan, Canada. They are currently residing in Moose Jaw where they serve as Gender Diversity Representative on the board of directors for Moose Jaw Pride, chairperson of the Moose Jaw Trans Awareness Committee, and they regularly provide gender and sexual diversity presentations to the community.


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