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Bill Maher: #WhinyLittleBitch transgender boutique issues can wait

Bill Maher

Bill Maher on real-time Friday in a segment titled “Priority Fail” said he’s making a sacrifice by not advocating for his “pet project”, legalized weed, until after the presidential elections. He then exhorted others to do the same and shelve the battle for he called a ’boutique issue’ ‘transgendered’ lives until after November.

We all have issues close to the heart so I will take my heart, pet cause, pot legalization, off the table. And you know me I have seeds in my urine. (laugher) But if someone told me pushing for pot might cost Hillary Ohio, untill November 8th I’m just going to shut the fuck up about it.”
I know that liberals are feeling good about Hilary’s chances this week but history has taught us Democrats are preety good at blowing elections and Republicans are masters at winning elections with solutions in search of a problem.”
And the problem they are imagining lately are the transgendered or sex fiends pretending to be transgendered room America’s rest rooms in drag looking for a chance to watch people pee”.
OK here’s what we can’t do this election, get tricked into symbolic fights about college campus pet peeves”

Pragmatically speaking, and momentarily playing the devils advocate I have to say Bill Maher made a valid point. The extreme right wing has methodically and devilishly divided the country in the legal battle over human rights and that could very well help tRUMP. But that’s where the argument on behalf of Maher ends.

Maher illustrated his rational by bringing back a 2001 video clip of Barrack Obama saying in his first bid for the presidency that he believed marriage was intended for man and woman. What Maher didn’t mention was that Obama has since evolved on that and many other issues such as transgender rights, but evidently Maher hasn’t.

Was it calculated politically expedient move by Obama to side against marriage equality back then? I don’t think that was his intention, but yes by doing so Obama did squash that as a potential wedge issue.

Maybe the right wing learned that lesson well. The right wing has taken on the offensive writing laws which deny transgender people the right to live our lives quietly and lawfully as we have done for years. But most of us in the LGBT would agree that the increased attacks are occurring out of spite after the right wing lost the marriage equality fight.

And most all of us understand that if the right wing successfully chips the T out of the LGBT the rest of our community will be targeted next.

Mostly it was the condescending misogynistic way that Maher belittled our lives. We didn’t ask to be dehumanized by the right wing, or by you for that matter. We didn’t think the timing was right to be dragged out of our homes and beaten in the streets and we certainly didn’t take a consensus and decide that this year being an election year it was the best time to be killed in record numbers.

Bill Maher, I get that your bread and butter is being a politically incorrect late night talk show host and I get that you are well intention, but in this one instant you have distanced yourself from one of your most supportive, the LGBTQ. #PriorityFail

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. this is how I feel regarding this subject. I as a woman owuld not mind a full transgender in the bathroom with me. after the full surgery, they are female or male.BUT you prefer to not go straight ahead and finish what YOU wanted to do with YOUR body,THEN , NO! You either want to be male or female. if you want to keep your genitals , you are nothing more than a transexual. This whole thing of equal rights is ok. But on a quarter ,not a dime. Right now our kids are confused enough. We have men transgenders deciding to keep their uterus ans ovaries because they might want a baby? There is no thinking on this. Transgenders have hurt the gay cause and thank heaven the laws were passed so they can marry. How many out there become lesbians ? It is wild. So your stuck in the wrong body and medical scientists have made sure that the full deal can be done. Crazy thinking.
    On another note : as far as the prison system , all transgenders would be separated from regular population. In prison they are prime targets. Heck your prime targets all over. Think hard before going forward on this surgery. It should be a complete change ,not half up and Centaur down. christ no one can have an opinion without suing someone. all of you grow up.

  2. New rules, when you are trying to convince America you know the best way to help “The Transgenders”. You can, instead, fire all those joke writers who though “Married With Children” was witty social commentary.


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