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Bill Clinton appearing at HRC’s national dinner is a farce of Faustian proportions

A sign of the times.
A sign of the times.

The only president to enact gay crow laws is the keynote speaker at HRC’s National Dinner Saturday.

Why? It wouldn’t be a reach to say HRC hopes to cozy up to Bill’s wife arguably the only viable democratic presidential candidate for 2016.

Just a few short weeks ago Chad Griffin appeared at the Southern Comfort Conference asking us to hold HRC accountable. So in the spirit of cooperation I will do that now. That and I can’t find anything in gay media that doesn’t parrot Chad Griffin message announcing Clinton’s speaking engagement.

“President Bill Clinton is a transformational leader for our nation and the world,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “His ability to build partnerships around the globe and harness the power of human potential is truly remarkable, and we are thrilled he will be returning as our keynote speaker for our national dinner.”

So why worry about HRC and same sex marriage?

A week doesn’t pass that a transgender person isn’t murdered, but that doesn’t change that fact that marriage equality is the bell weather of LGBT equality, like it or not.

I will be borrowing heavily from NY Post’s David Kaufman October 18th article blasting

Few political allegiances are more inexplicable than the love affair between Bill Clinton and America’s LGBT community.

During his eight years in office, our 42nd president not only introduced the military’s disastrous Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy in 1993, he also furthered the ban prohibiting HIV-positive travelers from entering the US, failed to pass the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and showed questionable leadership in easing approval for crucial HIV medications.

If that weren’t enough, Clinton signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevented same-sex married couples from receiving federal benefits and recognition.
As author and academic Nathaniel Frank explains, “Clinton will go down in history as the only president who signed … federal laws mandating discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans.”

Bill Clinton penned an explanation why he signed DOMA explaining it was a “very different time” but in reality Bill Clinton was afraid if he vetoed it he would have wouldn’t have been reelected.

What’s Hillary’s position on LGBT rights? She  says it has evolved but believes that rights should be handled by individual states. So should she be elected don’t expect her to lead the way on ENDA.

This audio of Terry Gross interviewing Hillary was published by a right wing organization presumably to drive a wedge between Hillary and the LGBT community. You can hear the interview in full on NPR. Clinton also touches on her commitment to the transgender community using the acronym “T” never once saying “Transgender”. Sigh.

So how is HRC handling the newly invited criticism by the transgender community? Not so well on Facebook according to trans activists Ashley Love and Nikki Araguz Loyd. They both were temporary suspended from Facebook after criticizing HRC.

Arrogant and incredulous, HRC’s response betrayed a strain of left-wing impunity which masquerades as progressivism but is actually steeped in elitism.

HRC used to be a testosterone driven politically expedient machine with questionable morals. My question is when will they evolve? Still waiting Chad.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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