Bestselling UK Author James Dawson Comes Out As Transgender

Author James Dawson

British young adult author James Dawson has come out as transgender during a recent interview with the website Buzzfeed.

Dawson, who has stated that for the moment he still wishes to be referred to with male pronouns, has written a whole host of award winning books for teenagers, including ‘Say Her Name’, ‘Hollow Pike’ and the international bestselling ‘This Book is Gay’.

He told interviewers that he felt ‘different’ as a child and would often wish that he would ‘wake up a girl’.  With little to no knowledge of transgender issues during his younger years and the things society were telling him James grew up believing that his attraction to men must mean he was gay.

‘Given that I had been told I was a boy and I knew that if you are a boy that fancies boys that makes you gay, that was the only alternative I could see.’  He told Buzzfeed in a recent interview.

He says that despite this he always felt that his life as a gay man ‘felt like role-play’ and that this caused him to often struggle to maintain relationships due to intense insecurities.  ‘I could never understand how they could love me, because I felt like a sham, the worst specimen of manhood going.’

‘I didn’t understand what they found attractive.  There was always this thought; ‘what do they even see in you?  You’re not a man’.’

James went on to say that meeting a young trans girl  called Charlie led him to realise that he was actually a transgender woman, not a gay man.

James will begin touring the country in just under four months time as part of World Book Day celebrations, and hope that this will coincide with the start of his hormone treatment.

‘I hope that in a year or so I will be considered a woman and can go out as a hetrosexual woman and date men and not have to dwell in specialist underground lairs,’ he said.  ‘I want to be able to walk in the sun as a woman.’


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