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Beloved trans woman Beenish murdered in Islamabad


Transgender woman Beenish, was shot dead Sunday, July 5, in the sector E-11 of the federal capital. The reasons for the killing have so far been unknown, nor the incident been reported or registered” according to nayadaur.tv

According to reports, almost 50 members of the transgender community have been killed and more than 300 have faced sexual harassment and assault during the last four years in KP alone. Moreover, gender discrimination has forced the community to work in prostitution – that has exposed it to the hazards of HIV AIDS.

She was more than just a number. Beenish was a human being and a dear friend.

Beenish was a loving and caring person and her murder won’t go unpunished Nayyab Ali Transgender Rights Expert Consultant at United Nations Development Programme wrote.

“She was my close friend. We often visit each other. She was living very near to my place. Someone shot her. She has no access to any kind of arm. She sent me voice notes just one hour before the murder, asking about my health. You know, what is the credibility of that page? That you mentioned.”

“She was very nice person and always love happily. She was very happy that one of her friend came from abroad. She was very excited to see him. Once I will recover, I will personally follow her case. I called DSP for the insight of case and hope culprits will be behind the bars very soon.” wrote Nayyab Ali

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