Be Cece’s Family Letter Writing Campaign

Dallas Transgender Advocates Grass Roots Action in Support Of Our Sister Cece McDonald, Incarcerated to satisfy The Industrial Prison Complexes insatiable appetite For Minorities.

Now is when we show our true trans mettle and commit ourselves to a grass roots action showing our incarcerated sister we care.

We know we do care but she won’t unless we tell her.

What we got to do….

Buy envelopes, stamps and a pad of paper..

In your own words tell Cece how you feel..doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just be u…

This will be the only contact she may have over the long run as her case begins to fade from media attention and peoples minds. Its only human we do tend to procrastinate, until her imprisonment fades but its a sign of a true friend and a solid community that we won’t.

Write CeCe

Please send a letter to CeCe while she is in jail. Let her know she has a huge amount of community support and that we are all here for her.

Public Safety Facility

Chrishaun Reed McDonald #2012000296

401 South 4th Avenue

Suite 100

Minneapolis, MN 55415

Dallas Transgender Advocate’s Action Be Cece’s Family

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