Texas Senate’s midnight vote sends Bathroom Bill SB 3 to the House

Bathroom Bill SB 3

Bathroom bill sb 3

Shouting “SB 3 equals death” advocates are ejected during multiple protests as the Senate gives final approval shortly after midnight sending the bathroom bill SB 3 to the House. This truly is do or die.

The Texas Senate gave final approval to the latest version of bathroom bill SB 3 early Wednesday morning. The 21-10 was along party lines with the exception of Democratic traitor Eddie Lucio, Jr. who’s vote ensures the tea party’s 2/3 majority.

Texas Tribune’s Alexa Ura was present this morning to reports in a tweet:

The SB 3 is now going to the House where it will be debated by and voted on by the State affairs committee after yet another public comment period.

If it’s previous forms it would have been relatively assured that House actions would have once again resulted in the end of the bathroom bill. But the latest version flawed as it to panders to the last and evidently the most potent of the bills adversaries. Transgender people.

The version going to the house not only excludes people holding birth certificates which match their gender expression but those whose driver licenses have been updated to match their authentic gender.

Following a discussion of transgender advocates, I saw how some found this version of the bathroom bill personally slightly less objectionable.

Another looking at the big picture reminded us that there is absolutely no reason for a bathroom bill. None.

This latest version going to the House is written to placate us.

Kolkhorst is hoping we look at the children this bill will kill and tell them, hey I got mine you get yours.

Abbott, Patrick, Kolkhorst et al do not want transgender people and our allies showing up in force at the house hearing and are so desperate as to allow the current generation of transgender people a back door to go quietly out of.

Kolkhorst is also hoping to give businesses and sports entities particularly the NCAA a bone so they won’t boycott Texas as they did in North Carolina.

The best little Kolkhorst house of lies in Texas.

Although there are no laws governing transgender gender marker changes in Texas the process has long been one of the best-known secrets in our community.

If an individual desires to change their gender marker on their driver license in Texas it is all about who you know. This bill does nothing to standardize that process or that of changing one’s birth certificate should they be born here. It also does not address the problems that people who were born out of state have amending one’s birth certificate, a process goes from easy to impossible.

The COLD HARD FACT is SB 3 would humiliate and ostracize transgender children forcing them to chose between de-transition or segregation. That option regardless of age is all too often a death sentence. We can not risk this passing the house even given Speaker Joe Straus’ increasingly vocal opposition this is truly do or die in the House.

Gov. Abbott dismisses the combined Texas law enforcement objections to SB3 in the interview below dissing officers knowledge of the content of the CURRENT version of his bathroom bill, This is highly offensive to me a private citizen. Abbott and Patrick have reframed and rewritten these bill continually through out the sessions depending on what they considered too inflammatory, The latest version according to the Tribune (the text wn’t be up on the state site for hours) makes driver license proof of legal gender.

Abbott’s version of the bathroom bill technically circumvents law enforcement and the judicial charging the Texas AG with enforcement and prosecution. In other words, transgender people’s particularly those who haven’t yet changed their legal documents fate would be in the hands of the very people who are intent on murdering our children.

I’ll tell you one thing. Should anyone demand my driver’s license while I’m in the bathroom they better have their phone on them because one of us will be calling the police before it’s over.


As the officers pointed out one after another this legislation doesn’t even have to become law for transgender people to potentially become victims of its stigmatization.

Bathroom Bill SB 3

Austin’s Stephanie Martinez car was hijacked by a man amid the debate told police he did it because she is transgender. Martinez told Planet Trans last night.

I can say the same thing I’ve been saying. I hold our LT governor our governor and all senators who have voted to promote these bills directly responsible for the assault I endured Thursday and which many more will endure in the future. Once again they have ignored our voices. They will not be able to ignore our votes.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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