Baptist pastor Steven Anderson screams I’m gay and I hate Jenner

Baptist pastor Steven Anderson

Baptist pastor Steven Anderson

Pastor Steven Anderson welcomes Caitlyn’s transition last Sunday preaching “You evil, filthy animal that’s destroying the morals of our country – die!”

Anderson screamed I’m gay, and I hate myself. Pounding a fist on the pulpit nearly in tears, I hate Jenner. I am scared!

OK well not in so many words, but when you watch his video below maybe you’ll agree. You can count on two things from haters. One, LGBT people scare the hell out of them, and two they hate us for scaring them.

The worst kind of hater is one who hates us because he despises himself fo being gay or trans. They espouse the most vile rhetoric, just as Baptist pastor Steven L. Anderson of the “Faithful word Baptist Church does. He is one sick individual.

In 2014 he called for the killing of all gays for a aids free Christmas, praised anyone who would kill President Obama.

Raw Story reports Anderson preached Sunday that he had seen Jenner’s “filthy sodomite picture” everywhere after the Olympic athlete and reality TV star completed gender transition.

“This person is just the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world, and people are like, ‘Oh, we need to pray for him so that he finds Jesus,’” Anderson said. “I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to Hell.”

I know it’s like every day we hear of another vile man swinging bibles around hoping to hurt someone. It gets old. But this man is just such a lowlife reprobate I had to write this post.

Word of advice to you Pastor Steven Anderson. Give up your hate. Come out of the closet.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Not all so called Christian are Christian so please do not bunch them up. so called Christians are people who are fallible and imperfect. Only Jesus is worth looking up to and to listen. He was not rude to the prostitutes…though He said,”Go and sin no more….the people in Jesus day also called Jesus and His disciples “Cult” but Anderson laughs along with his congregation showing off an extract of some of others beliefs whom he deems cultic….if he want to save some cults why laugh? He is so certain he is so right….no correction…

  2. What can I say. What have I been saying?

    Hail Satan… bible’s are for morons!

    What kind of self proclaimed Christian says something like this…

    “Pastor Steven Anderson welcomes Caitlyn’s transition last Sunday preaching ‘You evil, filthy animal that’s destroying the morals of our country – die!'”

    Seriously he’s an absolute fuckwit, just like the rest of them and I’m sick of listening to their “man made” word of God.

    They should burn these people at the stake like they used to with witches.


    As a former Chrsitian, never have I hated them so much as what I do now!

    They’re a bunch of puritanical bigoted narrow minded hypocrites, whose priests fuck little boys right around the world, They have a pope which protects them, and historically, instead of uniting people, they are responsible for more division, hatred and bigotry than any other group since creation.

    I have never felt so free, happy, and never has my self esteem been so high, as it is today, now that I have finally denounced my Christian beliefs. Now I can finally love and accept myself after all those years of self loathing, self hatred, self harm, bred from the teachings of Christianity. Things like “fear, guilt, shame and mind control”, from the words of pastors like Steven Anderson.

    Christianity is nothing more than a cult, a disease which has been, and is, being used to infect the minds of humanity, for power control and greed.

    They celebrate days like Christmas, preaching their so called word of God, (which is actually the word of man), without even realising their religion, their beloved festivity, has it’s roots embedded deeply from within Paganism and Sun Worship.

    Hail Satan… bible’s are for morons!

  3. I deeply apologize to monkeys everywhere for suggesting any similarity. I only hope for his salvation he can follow my example and show some humility too.


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