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Bad Suns “Salt”, Trans dance a must see MTV

MTV salt 2

The realities of transition for some, drugs addiction, violence and personal struggle portrayed in a short dance video directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos.

Source MTV News The video documents the journey of its transgender protagonist, played by choreographer Tamara Levinson, who also happens to be married to Cloud, as she accepts the gender identity she can no longer run from.

This character’s transition involves hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery (though it should be noted that not every transgender individual’s transition — if they choose to transition at all — includes such steps). The video simply tells a trans narrative, not the trans narrative. And on a greater scope, it simply tells a narrative, period.

Likewise, “Salt” began as a way for Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman to process and understand a close friend’s gender identity issues. But, the resulting song is meant to speak to anyone struggling with their identity — whether transgender, gender-nonconforming or cisgender.

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