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Sponsors and links to the Conversation with Bishop Robinson

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies http://dallastaa.ning.com/ wish to thank to our sponsor The Institute for Welcoming Resources The Institute for Welcoming Resources – A Program of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.Bishop Gene Robinson to Participate in a Transgender Panel Discussion This event would not have been conceived if not for the guiding […]

coffeeyogurt: dishonor roll

coffeeyogurt: dishonor roll Visit with Coffeeyogurt and read the list of supporters of prop 8.

HRC Shameful Transham Day of self promotion

I have learned to value transgender advocates who work for the good of our community. I have come to beleive in Reverend Allyson Robinson. When I address HRC I am speaking to forces that DICTATE NATIONAL HRC POLICY. Many of us, including myself, have gone beyond mere scepticism to complete disbelief and abhorrence of HRC […]

Texas Transgender Day of Remembrance

Please visit Transgender Day of Remembrance.org Austin, Texas U.S.A. Will be holding a Transgender Day of Remembrance on Thursday, November 20th at 6:30 PM Transgender Education Network of Texas will host the event at the Austin City Hall Plaza (fronting Cesar Chavez), between Lavaca and Guadalupe; the event will feature both speakers and artistic expression. […]

California Supreme Court to Consider Lawsuits opposing Same Sex Marriage Ban

By Kelli BuseyNov 19, 2008planetransgender LISA LEFF, Associated Press Writer reports that the California Supreme Court has agreed to consider three lawsuits arguing that the voter approved amendment banning same sex marriage should be held as unconstitutional.The Court also wishes to consider what effect the the amendment would have, if upheld, on the 18,000 same […]

Queers United: Equality Utah – Petition for Gay & Transgender Utahns

Queers United: Equality Utah – Petition for Gay & Transgender UtahnsAct Today to remind the LDS we are not going away, we are going to become very intertwined with the politics of the Mormons Church of Latter Day Saints LDS.

Saving Grace

I know this does not come as a surprise to many, and it certainly is not my wish to evangelise, but god really loves us and we may live in full acceptance of her grace. I am sharing this in light of the recent defeat of human rights and the role that some religions played […]

Lez get Real in California Defending our Freedom

How can I express my admiration and pride in our family.Defend Equality Los Angeles 11.15.08 from p.Johanna on Vimeo. Found on our sisters blog Lez Get Real is an account by p.Johanna of the time she withstood unimageable verbal assault after volunteering to stand duty to form a human barrier between human rights activists and […]

Human Rights Activists Protest First Baptist 11.16.08

Vid courtesy of KNON

Stand Firm : “Bishop Robinson to meet with Dallas Transgender Advocates

By Kelli BuseyNovember 18, 2008planetransgender “Stand Firm” is a Internet publisher of “Traditional Anglicism in America”, host to Episcopalian Church web sites and location of interviews with The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker Bishop of the Episcopalian Diocese of Fort Worth which voted November 15, 2008 to realign with the Argentineans Southern Cone, becoming the […]