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Austin “TRINIDAD” Screening to Benefit (TENT) Transgender Education Network of Texas

Trinidad Screenings and Locations Screening Jan 4th 5pm, 7:30pmSpecial guest cast member Sabrina Marcus Sabrina Marcus will be in attendance along with filmmaker PJ Raval to benefit (TENT) Transgender Education Network of Texas. About Sabrina:Sabrina founded the transgender-focused Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta and is an active member in the International Foundation for Gender Education […]

Angie Zapata’s Life and Death : changed how we are treated

When Angie Zapata was murdered the popular and common practice of mainstream media was to frantically capitalize unmercifully in hopes of obtaining optimum monetary gain by sensationalizing the horrific murders of the gender diverse. The following articles by other media outlets religiously parroted transphobic catch phrases in unabashed bids to grab a piece of the […]

Reconciling Ministries Network doing Gods Work

For myself 2008 was a year of unanticipated profound change with a avalanche of love, passion, caring, worship, happiness and sorrow all bundled together in Jesus’s name and presented as the Reconciling Ministries Network! I had been called to witness(i didn’t even know what that meant) and I was confused and scared by this force […]

The Times of Harvey Milk

Feature Film|1:27:34| This Oscar-winning documentary film covers the successful career and tragic assassination of San Francisco’s first openly gay man to be elected to office. Grab some popcorn and kickback for a great flick. There are some adds sponsored by HULU so we can watch this high quality. Thanks to Atomic Gay Wonk for posting […]

Prayers for Bobby

Prayers For Bobby Prayers For Bobby, is a real life powerful drama based on the best selling book. The story is about a mother who could not accept her sons homosexuality, and as a result of his families ignorance, the boy commits suicide. The mother struggles to make peace with herself, and ultimately becomes an […]

Ky Dickens new film “Fish Out Of Water”

“Fish out of Water” by film maker Ky Dickens explores the current misconceptions about the bibles interpretation of homosexuality. Ky is featured in the Windy City Times December 12 2008 edition. “Religion is a complicated topic. Add in homosexuality, and get ready for an onslaught of people saying, “You’re wrong,” “That’s sinful” and “We’ll never […]

‘ Doubt ‘ Show times and Locations Nationwide

Doubt Showtimes and Locations Nationwide (Doubt) follows ‘Catholic Woodstock’ “Some prefer to call it a Catholic Woodstock – a festival of peace, love and Christianity. But the message of World Youth Day has been undercut by the controversies of the recent past: the sexual abuse scandal which refuses to go away. In the lead up […]

Vatican’s Christmas Message : Religious creedence to violence in it’s purest sense

If the planet is to be saved we must save ourselves from Gays and Transgender people and save the rain forest.Religious creedence to violence in it’s most damning form. In the event of a natural or man made catastrophe that endangers humanities survival the average Joe (now a average hate filled homophobic Catholic, Mormon or […]

USA Refuses to Sign UN Gay and Transgender Rights Declaration

USA Refuses to Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration The United States refused to sign the United Nations Gay Rights Declaration presented in December 2008. Here’s what you can do to change this: ENGAGEHave conversations with your neighbors, friends and family about LGBT rights. QUESTIONAsk President-elect Barack Obama to support HRC’s Blueprint for Positive Change. UNITEPowerful […]

Leeneshia Edwards Memphis Transgender Woman Shot in The Face

Found on CW30 ABC, Dana Rebik reported Transgender Woman Shot in Face“Police say the shooting happened sometime around 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, December 23, 2008 in the 3100 block of Boxtown Road in south Memphis near T.O. Fuller State Park. Leeneshia Edwards was last seen about an hour earlier at the “C.K.’s Coffee Shop” on Union […]