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Kenneth Zucker : Killer of our youth

You may never encounter evil personified more so than Kenneth Zucker. He is scheduled to speak in a venue that would allow him to communicate hate and bigotry to millions. Click title for petition site====================================================== Petition: Dr Kenneth Zucker – Royal Society of Medicine We the undersigned wish to protest in the strongest possible terms […]

What Does Religion Teach Us?

Today I had the opportunity to reflect on the way religion teaches society to treat the GLBT community. For those of us within this outcast segment of society, this will come as no surprise, but for those who do not define themselves as a member of our community, I’m sure that this will either be […]


INVITE you for an evening of food, fashion and music.Wednesday, August 27, 20086:30 Cocktails and Light Bites by Screen Door Restaurant7:30 Fall Evening wear Fashion Preview. Galleria Mall Dallas Texas on level three in Sax Fifth Avenue Please RSVP to Carla McKinzie at 214-219-8585 orcmckinzie@lambdalegal.org Lambda Legal is proud to be a beneficiary of the […]

Advocates For Youth

What We BelieveAdvocates for Youth envisions a society that views sexuality as normal and healthy and treats young people as a valuable resource. The core values of Rights, Respect, Responsibility® (3Rs) animate this vision— RIGHTS: Youth have rights to accurate and complete sexual health information, confidential reproductive and sexual health services, and a secure stake […]

Stonewall Democrates proposed party platform to be brought to Denver

The Stonewall Democrats were in Pittsburgh this weekend to work with members of the Democratic Platform Committee as we pressed for – and passed – the most pro-LGBT proposed platform in Democratic Party history. Here is what the proposed platform calls for: – A united, comprehensive strategy on ENDA that includes both sexual orientation and […]


Adult ContentCross Posted from “Questioning Transphobia and other bigotry” click title for link to alix olson and all women who go to michigan women’s festival

Say No 2 by Florida Red and Blue

Help us defeat the so-called “Marriage Protection Amendment” to the Florida Constitution that will take away important rights from ALL non-married Floridians Say No 2 urges voters to Vote No on Amendment 2, which will be on the November ballot. Amendment 2 is also known as the “same sex marriage ban” amendment, but it’s really […]

Soulforce and Atticus Circle, the sponsors of Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights 2008

SOULFORCE PRESS RELEASE: August 6, 2008For Immediate Release
Contact: Paige Schilt, 
Media DirectorCell: 512-659-1771paige@soulforce.org
****************************************** (Austin, TX) – There’s never been a more exciting time for straight Americans to take a stand for their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) friends and neighbors. That’s according to Soulforce and Atticus Circle, the sponsors of Seven Straight Nights for […]

Kevin Beckner for Hillsborough County Commission

This Quality political candidate in Florida’s Hillsboro County Commission race has been endorsed by the St. Petersburg Times; Democrats, District 6 “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference among the three candidates in this race on issues of policy or priorities. All recognize the need to better manage growth, invest in mass transit, protect environmental […]

A Universal Response to Bigotry; Crews Inn Protest

Protest at Crews Inn; a Universal response to bigotry Protesting indignities forced on a class of people has drawn together the community of Dallas Texas on Tuesday evenings at Crews Inn. The desire to demonstrate against oppression unites in a way no other can.The passion and dedication being shown by people of all ethnic backgrounds […]