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By Kelli BuseyJune 26, 2008planetransgender The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee holds first ever hearings on work place discrimination against transgender people. The opening statement by Congressman Robert Andrews(D-NJ) set a precedent not heard by transgender people before. Congressman Andrews stated that he feels bias and discrimination against transgender people to be unfair and […]

Jerimarie’s transpride speech June 07.2008 Northampton MA

Sylvia Rivera would be proud today and I have no doubt she is smiling upon us; as so many trannies, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and whatever other labels one decides to ascribe to themselves gather here to make a visible statement that OUR TIME has come and we control OUR DESTINY.This Trans Pride March and Rally, […]

TEA(Transgender Acceptable Alternatives) for TWO

TEA(Transgender Acceptable Alternatives) for TWOHMS (His Majesty’s service) Written by Kelli BuseyFreewomanJune 21, 2008 Lets just say its time for TEA, again. The politicians in Washington are off and at it once more. The political proprietary ships are in the harbor and jockeying for best positions to train their guns. Although the harbor is filled […]

Memphis police Caught on tape beating transgender woman

A newly released video shows two Memphis police beating a transgender woman with hand cuffs wrapped around their knuckles. One “officer” is seen holding the woman down while the other repeatedly struck her in the face causing a bleeding gash to open. This violent assault occurred while the woman was in police custody. The fact […]


“Getting fired was one of the worst things that ever happened to me,” said Kaylee Seals a former employee of Old Dominion Freight Lines. Indeed losing a job is one of the most debilitating events. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found merit in Kaylee’s sexual discrimination complaint and opened the door for Kaylee Seal […]

Transgender Children out of the Shadows

We must love our children unconditionally and we will be loved, unconditionally. Growing up Transgender is to learn to value and love who you are I was there for the conference. I was loved there. I became a adult there.My love for the lGBT people of the Methodist faith is unconditional.

Two spirits United !

Spirits United Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas was treated to a special Soulforce visit on Sunday June 15 2008. Two of our youngest and brightest stars proclaimed the wholeness of there lives. Guest speakers, Jakob Hero and Angel Collie, talked about Living authentically Proud, Young & Transgender. Our young friends road to our church […]

Joan Baez sings of the lost childern and dreams. But the message of continuing hipocritsy and continuing bigotry by anglo america is found in the voices of the choir as we sing of freedom. We all have sung of freedom. How does that affect me? I am not that predujuiced. I have many friends who […]

Birmingham Sunday 16th ST Baptist Church

Come round by my side and I’ll sing you a song.I’ll sing it so softly, it’ll do no one wrong.On Birmingham Sunday the blood ran like wine,And the choirs kept singing of Freedom. That cold autumn morning no eyes saw the sun,And Addie Mae Collins, her number was one.At an old Baptist church there was […]

Committing a felony (feloni rocks)

WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT AND PROFANITY If you are offended by profanity do not watch this video. All the rest of you lesbians, you’ll love this one!