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National Freedom to Marry Day Dallas Texas Feb. 12

It’s all about love. Dallas Texas on February 12, 2009 a beautiful bride beaming with joy exits her Jaguar on a warm winter day. Not far her partner waits pride and anticipation flowing like sunshine from her. The congregation enjoying the light breeze carrying the promise of happiness blessed the ring as Reverend Dr. Daniel […]

Русский язык Гей Изолировано и преследовал Мировые Стенды Близко Russian Gay’s Isolated and persecuted the World Stands By

Source Gay Russia; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people are being forgotten by the very political parties that they had hoped would link them to the free world. In a country where democratic liberties were tasted for a second like a waft of perfume, it passed threw the senses floating on a breeze that has […]

Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (UAFA)

Let Your Representatives Know You Care About Immigration Equality!Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (UAFA), On Friday, February 13th, Representative Jerrold Nadler plans to reintroduce the Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (UAFA), a bill that will allow lesbian and gay Americans to sponsor their foreign-born partners for immigration. Please call your representative today and […]

“Free Queer Hugs!” Wellcomed With Open Arms!

LGBT Kiss In and Queer Hugs wellcomed with open arms. Found in a article reported By JOANNA CATTANACH of the The Dallas Morning News “It was quite a display – just not one officials with the Dallas Museum of Art planned for.” “We have a right to express love just as much as everybody else,” […]

News From Californian “Mormon-gate.”

The reoccurring theme in some of these stories is the facade the LDS maintains of innocence and victimization. It reminds me of the news reporter who just happened to be in a woman’s dressing room just after the passage of gender inclusive local ordinances. A man dressed in woman clothing bursts in, runs the length […]

Add Your Name To Overturn 8

Add Your Name To Overturn 8 For our third of five actions to overturn Prop 8, add your name to a scrolling list of our members. Have one minute?Add your name to scroll on the homepage of eqca.org. Show the world you support the freedom to marry and oppose equality being put up for a […]

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Lists planetransgender as a “Tell Three” Media Blog!

The ACLU an ally in the Gay and Lesbian Marriage Equality Struggle listed another ally of Gay and Lesbian’s people’s. Planetransgender and the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA), who’s main concern is focused on addressing and righting transgender inequality, marginalization, objectification and victimization in the hetero and homosexual dominated world and press. The DTAA […]

Dr. Kenneth Zucker’s War on Transgenders

Dr. Kenneth Zucker’s War on Transgenders{Transgender People} can be found on Queerty. Apart from te unfortanate useage “transgenders” as a noun this article is solidly written and presents many valid points which validate our demand that Kennith Zucker be removed from the

Unitarian Universalist Freedom to Marry Week

“‘Inspired Faith, Effective Action’, weblog of the Advocacy & Witness staff group of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations” is STANDING ON THE SIDE OF LOVE. Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Freedom to Marry Week “Check out the video [above] and please share it with others! The conversations we start this week can create a […]