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TransFM would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy TGand to announce that we will be broadcasting LIVE onThursday, November 27th beginning at 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM EDTand again from 8:00 PM – Midnight EDT. The phone lines will be open during those periods and EVERYONEis welcome to join in the discussion either […]

We can show President elect Obama and the world we are serious in our commitment by signing this http://action.humanrightsfirst.org/campaign/hrf_post_elec letter to the world. Dear World, We have a new President, and we have hope. But we know that with hope comes immense responsibility. The problems our new President has inherited are profound, and his job […]

Bash Back Radical Queer Agenda

A group called “Bash Back” has gained national attention after performing a act of social awakening in response to “Traditional Church’s” unrelenting hate mongering. It is well known that the dogma espoused by “Traditional Churches” targeting Queer folk results in violence and deaths by beatings, burnings, striping and hanging on barb wire ect, ect, ect. […]

Florida circuit court : Gays may adopt, ruling may go to supreme court

The ACLU reports reports that a Florida couple has won a ruling which will alow them to adopt the children they are foster parents. However, this ruling will disstaisfy the State of florida which contains GLBT people are hibitual substance abusers who have no pemenacy in relationships and are prone to child abuse. The ACLU […]

Westboro Baptist learns Silverton OR. is Hate free zona libre de odio

Associated Press The protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church arrived with an assortment of signs, such as “God Hates You,” “Fags Are Beasts,” “Your Pastor is a Whore” and “Barack Obama Antichrist.” “But the town greeted the quartet with a festive counterprotest. More than 100 people paraded in the street and some men wore women’s […]

Rear view mirror saying adios Dallas

The questions at the “Dallas Transgender Advocates Conversation With Bishp Robinson” were unrestricted and free flowing. Bishop Robinson with disarming candor explored many topics in depth.The reactions I saw in our diverse transgender panel was amazing and maybe one of the most gratifying payoffs of the entire experience. Some of our panel members advocacy has […]

Help Out Homeless Transgendered Youth This Holiday Season

Sylvia Rae Rivera, 1951-2002, was a Stonewall Riots Veteran and LGBTQ/Drag Queen activist. Many will remember Sylvia as the Coordinator of the Food Pantry for Metropolitan Community Church of New York where she was a member. On her deathbed she insisted that Rev. Pat Bumgardner promise the church would create accommodation so that LGBTQ Youth […]

Don’t Give Up

Sponsors and links to the Conversation with Bishop Robinson

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies http://dallastaa.ning.com/ wish to thank to our sponsor The Institute for Welcoming Resources The Institute for Welcoming Resources – A Program of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.Bishop Gene Robinson to Participate in a Transgender Panel Discussion This event would not have been conceived if not for the guiding […]

coffeeyogurt: dishonor roll

coffeeyogurt: dishonor roll Visit with Coffeeyogurt and read the list of supporters of prop 8.