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Queers United Asks :WTF? Tyra Banks Show Seeking “Ex-Gays”

Transgender people be aware. We are not immune or isolated from dangerous groups such as “NARTH” which advocates the discredited use of “aversion therapy” to “cure” homosexuality. Being “cured” of a natural sexual affinity by making normal=intolerable translates to depression and suicides. Queers United asks us to let Tyra Banks please do not air any […]

Palin breaks with McCain on gay marriage amendment

Just in, in case you wondered Palin will campaign as vigorously against gay rights on a national level as she did in Alaska. … NEW YORK – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin says she supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a break with John McCain who has said he believes states should be […]

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies in the Episcopal Blaze

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies after petitioning the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the only openly gay Anglican Bishop, not to attend the Dallas Black Tie has inadvertently found it’s self at a confluence of passion, faith and the possible reshaping of the American Anglican landscape. The original desire of the Advocates was to […]

London Calling : Transphobic Julie Bindel Nominated Writer of the year by Stonewall UK

Liz McLaren posted an announcement to the Facebook cause Stop Transphobia Subject: A call to action from Trans London regarding journalist Julie Bindel’s nomination for Journalist of the Year by the Stonewall organization. Hi Everyone! I want to forward to all of you a letter I received from Tessa Hauke regarding a journalist by the […]

Human Rights First : 2008 US Violent Hate Crimes against LGBT Increasing

By Kelli BuseySat. Oct 18, 2008planetransgender According to a recently released report from Human rights first, violent attacks on people because of sexual preference and gender identity have increased in 2007. Government statistic’s do not report all incidences according to The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) nor differentiate between violence targeting people for their […]

Equality Ride Faces Vandalism, Arrests at Palm Beach

Equality Ride Faces Vandalism, Arrests at Palm Beach ******************************************SOULFORCE PRESS RELEASE: October 13, 2008For Immediate Release
Contact: Caitlin MacIntyre, 
Equality Ride Media DirectorCell: 612-715-6138caitlin@equalityride.com****************************************** (West Palm Beach, FL)– Just hours ago, sixteen young adults arrived at the DeSantis Family Chapel on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. The Equality Riders were immediately restricted to the […]

Six Soulforce Q Riders Arrested Trying to go to Church

According to a article by By Scott Travis of the SunSentinel.com six Soulforce members were arrested Monday the 13th of November after attempting to enter the Atlantic Palm Beach University chapel sanctuary to attend a 11:00am service. The SOULFORCE PRESS RELEASE of October 13, 2008 tells of the terrifying night leading up to the arrests […]

Day Of Remberance, Transgender people mourn our dead

The Transgender Day of remberence, November 20, 2008 is a annual event held by transgender people worldwide to solomly come together and remember the transgender people who violence has claimed from us. It is not a event for orginizations who benifit in sales of our on going trajedy. HRC to avoid the trama of 2007, […]

Presidential McDivorcee Court/zowee who’s getting the state?

The Huffington Post Trooper Gate A story of the use of political power being wielded against law enforcement in a vindictive attempt to settle a score over a contentious divorce. It could be on cops or divorce court but nooo it’s on the big world wide television in the sky. Guess what. We are the […]

Justin Flippen for Wilton Manors City Commission

Justin Flippen who is running for Wilton Manors City Commission, Florida, has won the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz according to a Sun-Sentinel.com article. Rep. Wasserman Schultz is a member of the House Sub Committee on the Judiciary: Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. You may wonder, why does kelli in Dallas care […]