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LGBT Activists March, Pull off Masks in India

Cross posted from Reproductive Health RT Reality check Click title for original post. Deepali Gaur Singh on July 17, 2008 writes.. “This day was chosen by representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York, sparking the gay rights movement nationwide. In […]


Tommi Avicolli-Mecca explores the fallout of the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) inexplicable unanticipated and morally reprehensible actions as it acted in collusion with Congressman Barney Frank to remove gender expression as a protection under the doomed House Resolution 2015 (HR)2015 while simultaneously claiming to be supportive of a gender inclusive ENDA (HR)2015.

“Queers United” The real McCoy

Yes my friends I have posted a positive article about HRC (see below HRC ROCKS TO WIN post) and here is why; To Queers United, This is a tribute to your vision! This is a tribute to your passion! Thank you for finding ways to click! This is a tribute to your love for the […]

Human Rights Campaign’s “Rock to Win”

Human Rights Campaign’s “Rock to Win” Posted using ShareThis

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Boston Herald “TRANNIE” is what a 16 year old calls a gear shift. Not a HUMAN.

Letter To The Editor And Staff Writers, Boston Herald Kevin ConveyEditor in Chief Boston Heraldkconvey@bostonherald.com(617) 619-6403 Joe DwinellCity Executive Co-Editorjdwinell@bostonherald.com(617) 619-6177 Jessica Van SackCity Reporterjvansack@bostonherald.com(617) 619-6437 Sunday July 13, 2008 Letter To The Editor And Staff Writers, Boston Herald I find the Article written by Jessica Van Sack, “Undercover ‘John’ takes on trannies, pimps” July […]


A open letter to Bishop V. Gene Robinson Open Letter to The Rt. Rev. V. Gene RobinsonBishop of New Hampshirehttp://www.nhepiscopal.org/bishop/bishop.html HRC’s billion dollar baby has begun to stir. As I was leaving my LGBT youth group I made a mention of a up coming protest of the HRC Celebration of gold in November 2008 at […]

Petrelis Files

Petrelis Files

Episcopal Priest Beaten While Protecting Homeless Transgender Youth revisited

Queens Residents Speak Out Against Violence On Transgender Youth NYC Transgender Shelter Says Director AttackedFather Braxton in a telephone interview shortly after this incident, told me that his site was unable to accept donations because of a technical problem. I promised Reverend Braxton I would return and try to help. Here we are.Please make a […]

Bishop V. Gene Robinson’s Passionate Appeal for Advocacy

This appeal for justice to commit to what we know is right and to willingly accept the consequences of standing up to powerful forces of evil was the inspiration I needed when I decided to include my faith in gender advocacy.