Australian MP Peter Abetz says transgender School children shouldn’t be allowed success

Peter Abetz

MP Peter Abetz also serves as a pastor with the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia

  • MP Peter Abetz belives ‘small pressure groups” have absconded with Australia’s political will while the ‘silent majority’ were busy raising family, working and contributing socially to the community.
  • Isn’t bothered too badly if a transgender child competes in sport but doesn’t think it’s ‘fair’ if one should win.
  • Quoted as saying that Safe Schools programs are “little more than a gay, lesbian, transgender lifestyle promotion program”.
  • Believes LGBT school children will ‘grow out of it”

It seems that, as some would have it, a child cannot have a say in the determination or presentation of his/her gender identity.

In a report from Perth, Western Australia yesterday, Mr. Peter Abeitz ( a local MLA and Pastor ) was quoted as saying…

”There are practical issues of change rooms and is it fair that a child who is clearly biologically a boy and is by nature more muscular than girls runs in the race?” he said.
“What would have happened if he came first in the race? What would that have created? If I was a girl I would have said that was unfair.”

Peter Abetz

Abetz then went on to say “The thing is, the child is biologically a boy. That’s what he is. It’s a scientific fact.”

Stunning words these. When you take a personal belief and turn it into scientific fact just by stating it is. Clearly then, Mr. Abeitz should be aware of the following advice from the “American Academy of Pediatrics”…” How Does Gender Identity Develop in Children?

Around two-years-old, children become conscious of the physical differences between boys and girls. Before their third birthday, most children are easily able to label themselves as either a boy or a girl. By age four, most children have a stable sense of their gender identity. During this same time of life, children learn gender role behavior—that is, do­ing “things that boys do” or “things that girls do.”

Before the age of three, children can dif­ferentiate toys typically used by boys or girls and begin to play with children of their own gender in activities identified with that gender. For example, a girl may gravitate toward dolls and playing house. By contrast, a boy may play games that are more active and enjoy toy soldiers, blocks, and toy trucks.”

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said in a speech on April 8th that it’s time for Australia’s ‘transgender awakening’.

His comment on the physical characteristics of Boys and girls pre-puberty are markedly different and boys are more muscular. Again these remarks are shown as stereotypically false, in the same report from the AAP.

Both the child and her school are protected from identification ( and rightfully so ). The school is a Special Needs educational facility. The School principal had informed parents by letter, that the eight-year-old child would be competing in a school cross country in her affirmed gender. Also contained in the letter was the confirmation that the school had an obligation to “ uphold and respect the rights of the child”.

In a separate letter to Mr Abetz, from the West Australian Health Minister ( Mr Peter Collier ), was told that WA schools.

”must take all reasonable steps to provide access to facilities, services or opportunities to meet special needs on the grounds of sex and sexual orientation.”. He further added…”Mr Collier said in order not to discriminate based on gender identity, principals were best placed to make arrangements for transgender students on a case-by-case basis.”

To assist in his case by case decision-making process, the principal had enlisted help from the Gender Diversity Clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital and the School Psychology Service of the Education Department.

It should be noted that the young third grader came fifth in the event.

Should we seek a Swab on the four girls that beat her home?

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