Austin’s Kai Shappley winning Emmys and Hearts

Kai Shappley
Bailey Delvecchio (Kai Shappley) have tea with Mary-Anne,

Kai Shappley guest stars in episode four playing the part of Bailey Delvecchio in the remake of the Baby-Sitters Club which was released by NetFlix today.

In that episode, Mary-Anne, one of the Babby sitters, learns to speak up when her newest client, Bailey, a young transgender girl, goes to the hospital where her doctors misgender her.

I give two thumbs up for the entire cast but especially to Kai Shappley for seamlessly transitioning from the world that I knew her from in Austin fighting the bathroom bills, to the gracious young lady she is now.

Many in our community, like myself, take exception when cisgender folks praise us for being courageous. But when you stay awake overnight in that frigid legislative building waiting for your 3 minutes and watch these children step forward and speak their minds you have only one word for that. Bravery. So bravo Kai, you have been and continue to be our hero!

Kia’s mother, an evangelical Christian Republican beat her and tried to convert her until she was three. It was then when Kia began praying that God would come and take her from the pain that her mother began to understand.

KVUE featured Shappley last year when she was just eight years old. The Emmy Award-winning documentary “Trans In America: Texas Strong” featured Shappley and her mother, Kimberly, who had to confront their religious community while Kai navigated the hardships of going to school and identifying as transgender at such a young age.

Shappley and her family moved to Austin from Pearland in 2018 to find a more accepting environment.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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