Audio: Catholic priests tell mother to discipline child for being trans

Canada priests

The mother of a trans child wanted the world to hear for ourselves just what went on behind closed doors. photo The 

An Edmonton mother appears before a catholic tribunal so they could inquire about her transgender child. The swarmy voices of the priests are a little hard to discern as they avoided answering direct questions by the girls mother. But the final solution was made clear to her in the last audio. If all else fails, in the eyes of Catholicism, violence was the answer when dealing with her transgender child.

The meeting, the mother says, was what she thought would be a collaboration to make school safe for her daughter again.

“At first I wholeheartedly thought that they were going to help us, that they were going to be on our side and work with us,” the mother says.

“And then that conversation happened. And then (Father Dowle) asked me to turn off the recorder.”

She says she refused.

Correction: All parties were aware the conversation was being recorded.

Read more at the Star article Priest tells transgendered girl’s mother to try discipline

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