Atlanta TransPride Marchers Drown Out Anti LGBT Haters With Love

Atlanta Trans pride

The girls who turned around the hate.

Losers heckling the 2014 Atlanta Pride on the parade route had an advantage in numbers, but that was only temporary. Yelling ‘you freaks will burn in hell’ they would have liked to kill our pride, if they only could.

When the losers then followed the TransPride into the park they were met with equality.

Equality in numbers, an equal amount of love and a heavy duty truck blaring her horn in support.

Read the full story at the most incredible GA Voice

Published on Oct 13, 2014
The 2014 Atlanta Pride Trans March was met with angry anti-LGBT protesters at the end of the march on Saturday, Oct. 11, just as a heavy rainstorm hit. The driver of the truck of the parade helped drown out the hateful messages by blowing on the horn.

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