Man sets fire to occupied building at Canada’s only SRS Clinic

Courtesy Centre métropolitain de chirurgie website
Image via Youtube

Police are searching for a man who set fire to an operating room at Canada’s only SRS hospital Monday. According to reports, a man entered one of Dr. Pierre Brassard’s operating rooms at 8:45pm and set it ablaze. The fire at the Centre métropolitain de chirurgie (CMC) caused an estimated 700,000 dollars in damage.

Update 5/28/2016: Arrest warrent issued. Read more HERE

The building was occupied at the time by Dr. Brassard and patients. The  fire was extinguished before emergency responders arrived by the building’s automatic sprinkler system. It is unknown if the fire was set in a room where an operation was taking place. All of those who were in the building evacuated safely.

The highly accredited private hospital also offers a wide range surgical enhancements, performing breast, body and facial procedures on cisgender and trans people.

The police do not know the motive and haven’t classified this as a hate crime according to The Montreal Gazette. Accordingly taking into consideration the location of the crime it is also a possibility that the fire was set by an unsatisfied client.

Planet Trans will update as facts become known.

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