Arrest made for the murder of transgender activist Gul Pandra

Gul Pandra
Gul Panra
The accused Rafiullah, hooded and chained stands in disgrace for the murder of Gul Pandra.

On Monday police arrested Rafiullah, and charged him with the shooting death of Khawaja Sara Gul Pandra as she was returning home from work. Gul Pandra was shot six times point-blank by a masked man on September 9, 2020, in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Her murder, the wounding of her companion Chahat and the rape of a cisgender woman traveling with her children sparked outrage and multiple protests.

Keeping in view the importance of the case, Pakistan Today Reports, Peshawar CCPO Muhammad Ali Gandapur formed an investigation team headed by the Cantt SP which examined the crime from various angles and traced the accused within four days by carrying out the investigation on scientific grounds.

Police report that teams have been formed to arrest remaining accused of the case.

The victim’s name was incorrectly spelled in previous reports. Her name was Gul Pandra.

*In Pakistan, an intersex person is generally identified as transgender. A person identified as a Khawaja Sara is what we in western cultures understand as transgender. However, the terms can be intermittently interchangeable.

In related news, Trans Action Pakistan reports that the man who raped transgender women at gunpoint on July 28, 2020, was arrested.

CPO Mohammad Ahsan Younis ordered to arrest the accused while taking notices after the video of the transgender’s misbehavior went viral on social media. SHO Waris Khan and his team under the supervision of SP Rawal arrested the accused Mohammad Israr by trace with the help of modern technology and human intelligence.
The suspect’s remand will be obtained physical and stimulated by getting information about mobile phone, video and other colleagues, SHO.

Transgender’s rights are being ensured in every situation from the Protection Center platform to protect the rights of transgender.
CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis’s SP Rawal, SHO and the police team well done!

Those who abuse the deprived classes of society and disgrace humanity do not deserve any exemption, all legal requirements should be fulfilled to punish the accused, CPO.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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