Arrest Made for the Murder of Trans Activist Brandy Carolina Brown

Esneider González Malo
Esneider González Malo
Esneider González Malo / Photo Noticia Coopercom

Esneider González Malo, AKA ‘Cachetes’, was captured and charged with the murder of transgender woman Brandy Carolina Brown. Brandy Carolina Brown was murdered in Barranquilla, Colombia on June 24, 2020.

The attack happened after a party that lasted all night on Saturday and lasted until dawn on Sunday. Brandy Carolina and several of her friends, as reported by the Police, had been consuming alcohol, but a fight began at approximately 6:20 in the morning.

After arguing, they were beaten and later a subject, whom the authorities identified as Esneider, took out a bladed weapon and used it to caused a fatal wound to the neck of Brandy Carolina.

Those close to the victim hurriedly tried to get her to a healthcare center, but she fell dead on the pavement and they immediately called the police to report what had happened.

Witnesses said that Malo stabbed Brown numerous times before ending her life by cutting her throat.

When the police searched Malo and asked for his identification he became belligerent. According to Noticia they proceeded to check his background and realized that he had a current arrest warrant for aggravated murder.

The Organización Caribe Afirmativo appealed to the Mayor and police for the swift apprehension of those wanted for her murder.

Columbia is a progressive country yet there are currently 18 trans murders since Sept 2019 according to Trans Lives

Brandy Carolina Brown
Brandy Carolina Brown [photo:]

Brandy Carolina Brown became a prison reform activist after having been in detention centers twice, the first time in Duitama and the second in the Modelo prison in Barranquilla, in 2016 and 2018 respectively, and in both cases, she denounced the cruel, inhuman and degrading practices she was subjected to due to her gender identity.

While incarcerated at Barranquilla, she was asked to assume a male gender identity, so with the help of the Organización Caribe Afirmativo, her case was presented to the Urgent Case Table of the National government.

Her case motivated along with other cases that occurred in Cali, Pereira and Bogotá, the creation of a working group at INPEC, to improve the treatment and living conditions of LGBT people deprived of liberty.

R.I.P. Brandy Carolina Brown

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