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Arrest made for beating, dragging of Florida transwoman

Eric Shaun Bridges
Eric Shaun Bridges

Eric Shaun Bridges, 34, was arrested Sunday evening and charged with attempted murder for beating and dragging a transgender woman behind a minivan.

Jacksonville police made an arrest in what they termed a “horrendous” incident Friday that saw a victim beaten, tied and dragged for blocks behind a minivan.

The Sheriff’s Office said the victim was a man, but LGBT activists report the victim was a transgender woman.

“The victim had been severely beaten and was dragged from a suspect’s minivan by his legs for about two blocks behind a Dodge Caravan with a male driver, Assistant Chief Brien Kee said Friday. Some of the attack was caught on a camera that is part of the Sheriff’s Office’s Real Time Crime Center.

“The video was so graphic we can’t release it. It’s horrendous,” Kee said.

Investigators found the minivan over the weekend and learned it had been reported stolen prior to the incident. Homicide detectives spoke to people in the area, tracked leads and analyzed evidence in and around the crime scene as well as in the vehicle, and tracked down Bridges midday Sunday, the Sheriff’s Office said.

While multiple people said the victim is transgender the victim’s brother told News 4Jax that she is gay and that he didn’t want her name made public.  Sadly this response from a relative of a transgender victim isn’t unusual as they are often shameful of their relative’s gender expression.

Eric Shaun Bridges is being held on a $500,000 bond and is due back in court October 22.

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  1. This have to stop father God give all these evil people a home call Penitentiary let there be no more killings and people really start treating people like human beings amen amen amen father ?


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