Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Monday that he has vetoed HB 1570. The bill would have banned gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender youth. Governor Asa Hutchinson listened to our healthcare professionals and explained in detail why he vetoed HB 1570.

“The general assembly will likely override my veto,” Gov Hutchinson said “as you know it only takes a majority vote to do so.”

But he asked the Republican supermajority to listen carefully to his reasons for his veto of HB 1570.

During the press conference, Hutchinson explained his reasoning behind vetoing House Bill 1570, saying it was a “government overreach” into a difficult health care question.

The governor also said this ban could lead to an increased risk of suicide or other harmful actions in the transgender community.

Gov. Hutchinson said that if the bill simply banned gender-confirming surgery for minors he would have signed it.

“Transgender youth who are currently under doctors’ care will look to go out of state or look for medications on the black market,” said Hutchinson.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender