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Murdered Argentinian trans woman identified as Bella Inostroza

Bella Inostroza

A trans woman was found dead in a rural drain in the Roca neighborhood about 1500 meters south of Route 22 has been identified by family as Bella Inostroza, 40 years old.

Around 13 pm, a man and his son were walking down the Setimio Romagnoli street and saw a body in a drain. At first, they tried to help but quickly realized that the person was dead.

The police arrived within minutes of being called, responding with patrol elements from Subcomisaría 47, from the Mosconi neighborhood, including Judge Natalia Gonzalez and forensics personnel.

At first glance, the experts could not determine whether the body had signs of having been violently attacked. “From what we could see, no wounds were found on the body,” said a source close to the investigation

“She was face down, half submerged in the water, which was less than 50 centimeters,” he said.

The autopsy later revealed that she had been shot at close range with a very low caliber weapon according to

The victim was young and measuring about 1.75 tall and was wearing a mini red skirt with a small chain belt was claimed by her family and identified by her family.

Argentina has one of the most progressive laws in the world on transgenderism, but that is not reflected in society, as shown by the treatment some media gives, calling her a “transvestite” and by male pronouns, which leads to the conclusion that laws are not enough. Education beginning in primary schools on diversity is required to begin social changes.
Editors note. PTG commends ADN Río Negro for the article regarding her murder.

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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