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Appeal’s board upholds Atherton High School Transgender Inclusive Policy

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This May a Atherton High School student spoke in appoval  of the proposed trans policy.

Another crucial battle for a future society inclusive and welcoming of transgender people has been won in “The Blue Grass State.”

A debate earlier this year had been raging, well not exactly ‘raging’. Rather a group of parents shepherded and coordinated by “Alliance defending (religious) freedom (to oppress others) objected to Atherton High School unilaterally adopting a fully inclusive transgender policy.

From the Alliance defending Freedom action alert notify the group of parents in May:

therton’s site-based decision-making council will meet at 5 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the appeal, which was submitted in writing by Clinton Elliott, a Louisville attorney with the Christian-based legal group Alliance Defending Freedom.

“The Alliance defending freedom” declined to comment following their defeat.

Jefferson County Public School Louisville Kentucky. Source: Wave3 News The principal at Atherton High School wants to make sure all students are treated fairly. He said the issue has lead to many questions.

“How do you treat people humanely? What’s the proper way we want to treat people? How do we want to teach our children how people who are different are to be treated?” Questioned Dr. Thomas Aberli.

Principal Dr. Thomas Aberli said it’s simple, all children should be treated equally. Dr. Aberli wants to add gender identity to Atherton’s non-discrimination policy News, Weather Atherton High School joins ranks with Vico KY, the samllest town in America to adopt trans inclusive policeys

Congradulations to Principal Dr. Thomas Aberli as the board upholds the American vision of equality. News, Weather

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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