Labour Party’s First Transgender Councillor Elected

Anwen Dawn Muston

Anwen Dawn Muston

The Labour Party has become the latest British political party to have an elected transgender politician.

Anwen Dawn Muston was elected for Wolverhampton City Council during last week’s elections, where she secured the East Park ward with 1,022 votes.

“I’m proud to have been elected, as the first openly out elected transgender politician at any level within the Labour Party.” Muston told Pink News. “I was not selected or elected because I am transgender, nor to tick an equality tick box.”

‘It’s because of my qualities and experiences in dealing with local issues, along with all the hard work that I put in during the election campaign – proving that I can do the job required and represent all communities regardless on a range of issues.

‘I have had a good experience with no prejudice when attending local meetings or meeting residents who have had issues that need to be resolved.

‘Being transgender is secondary, however I would encourage other trans people who have the necessary skills and ability to have a go at public office.  We still need to see an elected MP, PCC, Assembly Member or MEP.

‘This is about getting on with your own life once you have transitioned and being seen to be taking on everyday tasks that others do every day which will break down the barriers of the wider public and will pave the way for future generations to come.  It’s taking part that counts whichever political party you belong to.’

A number of other parties currently have transgender councilors, including UKIP, Conservatives, The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.  However, there are currently no transgender MP’s in Britain.



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