Anti-trans racists arrested at the Loudoun School Board Meeting

Anti trans protesters arrested
(L) a protester is upset that children are being taught history critical of racism protests Tuesday (Center) Radical Scott T. Smith, 48, of Leesburg, was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice and Disorderly Conduct, June 22, 2021. (Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office) (R) the ancestors of today's CRT protesters heckle the first student of color as she enters a Little Rock School

Two anti-trans / CRT protesters were arrested at the Louden School board on Tuesday. They were there to protest teaching school children about race and gender diversity. The protesters resorted to the same tactics, twisting facts, bullying, and violence that their grandparents used during reconstruction to keep people of color out of school.

Why Loudoun County’s proposed transgender student policy is required under a new state law

When bigoted retired state senator whipped them into a frenzy they ignored the sheriff’s warnings and started to sing the National Anthem.

CRT is just a dog whistle to anger white supremacists into action. The real deal, keeping trans children out of school is the fight that they are waging.

The top two pictures are from Little Rock, the bottom two are from Loudoun Va. The more things change the more the racists stay the same.

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