Pastor who defeated LGBT law using bathroom Predator lie busted for Child Molestation

Kenneth adkins

Kenneth Adkins

Pastor Kenneth Adkins who used the bathroom predator lie to help defeat a proposed transgender-inclusive human rights ordinance was held without bond Friday, charged with sexually molesting a minor under 16. Previously Kenneth Adkins drew wide condemnation for celebrating the Pulse Massacre tweeting that the homosexuals ‘got what they deserve.’

Kenneth adkins reports that Adkins, 56, turned himself over to Glynn County authorities Friday morning on charges of aggravated child molestation and child molestation stemming from allegations made by a young male former member of his congregation.

Stacy Carson, special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Kingsland office, said District Attorney Jackie Johnson asked the GBI on Aug. 12 to assist the Brunswick Police Department in the investigation. It focused on suspected molestation in several locations in the Brunswick area including at Adkins’ church, a vehicle and a victim’s home, Carson said.

The incidents possibly occurred in 2010 and would have had to involve someone younger than 16 for child molestation charges to be brought.

Charlotte Adkins said she and her husband, despite the allegations, share a concern for the mental health of the accuser who the couple has mentored.

“This young man was part of our teen ministry,” she said. “Ken and I have treated him like family, as has our church. He is a deeply troubled young man, to be sure, but our thoughts and prayers remain with him even now.”

Adkins has asked to be placed on unpaid leave from The Greater Church Brunswick on Altama Avenue  — the Greater Church also has congregations in Jacksonville and Atlanta — while his case is adjudicated. His wife said she will serve as acting pastor.

Adkins is a controversial figure in Jacksonville politics, particularly because of comments and crude caricatures he posted on his Twitter account while he helped lead the fight against expanding Jacksonville’s anti-discrimination law to cover lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Among the criticisms that Adkins lodged was his assertion that expanding the law would make it easier for sexual predators to find victims in bathrooms.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Yeah, why am I not surprised. The old “punish and discriminate against those people over there so you don’t see what I’m doing over here”.

  2. Good, another bastard caught! Now we just have to make sure he doesn’t get let off with a suspended jail sentence while the victim remains f##ked for the rest of his life. Could someone please tell me, would it be legal to chop off the pastor’s genitals, stick them down his throat and hang them through his slit neck like a Columbian neck tie? We were thinking that may be a more appropriate punishment.


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