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Anti LGBT pastor who called trans people ‘sickos’ resigns after being caught on Grindr

Reverend Matthew Makela
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Reverend Matthew Makela has resigned from his church in Midland, Michigan after being found on the gay hook-up app. reports Pink News

He had previously expressed anti-gay and anti-trans sentiments online – such as describing the trans rights movement as “aiding opportunistic sickos”.

He also once posted in the comments of an anti-gay article: “I love people who have same sex attraction, and so does God. The proof is in the sacrifice He made for all of us.

“We don’t tell a person born with tendencies to abuse alcohol to keep on giving in to his innate desires because he can’t help it. We try to help him in his struggle.”

However, according to Queerty, he sent messages on Grindr that said things such as: “I love to make out naked” “And I top” and “I would love to mess around with a bicurious guy.”

Reverend Makela has confirmed that the Grindr profile is his, and has quit his role at St John’s Lutheran church. His profile no longer appears on their staff page.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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