Anthony Michael Bowden found guilty for the murder of transgender woman Erykah Tijerina

Erykah Tijerina
Erykah Tijerina Life Tributes page
Erykah Tijerina
Erykah Tijerina Life Tributes page

Ex-Fort Bliss soldier Anthony Michael Bowden was found guilty today by a jury for the murder of transgender woman Erykah Tijerina. Bowden stabbed her 24 times and slashed her throat in August of 2016 after responding to her personal on Craigslist.

Bowden’s lawyers claimed he murdered her in self-defense after she tried to rape him.

Wednesday the jury learned that Bowden contacted another transgender woman on a dating app just days after killing Erykah Tijerina. Defense lawyers said that Bowden didn’t know that either were transgender despite it being clearly stated on the dating app.

Chyna Fierros, a longtime friend of Erykah and a fellow transgender woman, also testified in court Wednesday according to

The defense and prosecution showed her dating profile on an application called “Meet Me.” Fierros’ profile stated she was a transgender woman.

The jury was then shown chat records between Fierros and Bowden from around 10 days after Erykah was killed.

According to the chat log shown, Bowden first messaged Fierros to ask “hey, what’s up with you?”

Bowden then sent Fierros a message that asked if she was “DTF,” which is internet slang referring to a person who is ready to have sex.

Fierros disagreed with Bowden’s approach, then said she was going to the rosary of a murdered friend.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors showed the jury a video in which Bowden confessed to killing Tijerina. The defense argued their client killed Tijerina in self-defense.

Anthony Michael Bowden could be sentenced up to life in prison.

Anthony Michael Bowden gets 35 years in 2016 El Paso stabbing death of Erykah TijerinaEl Paso Times

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  1. RIP Erykha. Finally justice served for at least one of the hundreds if my sister’s and brothers. The level if brutality in this case is typical of a transgender murder. It will hopefully get him off the streets got life. One less hater getting what haters deserve.


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