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Another trans woman murdered in Brazil, 2 were shot

Rio Verde
Rio Verde

A 28 years old transwoman, known locally as ‘Mel” was found dead in a forest along the BR-060, in the urban area of Rio Verde, in southwestern Goiás. According to the Civil Police, one mototaxi driver passing by the local smelt something strange and triggered the authorities. The body was found on Sunday (3) it is presumed to be laying there for at least five days. She was wearing a long sleeve blouse printed with leopard with pink predominant color, a ring on the right finger and was a Rastafarian wig type.

According to  Thaisa Antonella, from the Regional Rio Verde police forces, the body has gone through a preliminary investigation “As it was in an advanced state of decomposition, forensics faced difficulties in determining what was the cause of death. However, it is known that there is no external sign of injury, such as shooting or cut, ” she told G1.

The transvestite was later identified as Denilton Pereira de Almeida, born in Porto Nacional, Tocantins, and was commonly known as “Mel”.

There are no clues about the motive of death. “We do not know if he just fell victim to natural causes or was killed. All this will be duly discharged, “said the delegate.

Thaisa stressed that Mel used to do sex work. In the coming days relatives and people who worked with him will be heard. “We will do these hearings to have more information and find out what may have happened”, concluded the deputy.

While performing a second expertise, the Scientific Police noticed a cut on the victim’s neck, which can be the cause of death, however, due to the advanced state of decomposition in which the body was found, certainties only after the release of the report Mel was killed.

During the investigation, police were informed by other trans women that the victim had an argument a few days ago with another person, which is already being investigated, who would have made death threats against Mel.

Victim’s family members were Tuesday (5) in the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Rio Verde for the release of the body. The funeral is scheduled for this afternoon.

shooting Rio

On another incident, police are investigating if homophobia was the motive for the attack to two transwoman as shown by the RJTV. The two victims were shot on Wednesday night (6), in one of the busiest points of Madureira, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The attack took place on the corner of Lane Almerinda Freitas, almost on the corner of Carolina Machado Street, one of the busiest areas of the neighborhood, with many bars and nightclubs. The victims were rescued and taken to City Hospital Salgado Filho, in the Meier zone.

Family members identified the victims as Douglas Freitas, 27, and Wallison Marques Muniz, 19. Wallison took a glancing shot and has been released. According to Douglas’s mother, she took three shots, one in the ear, other in the buttocks and one in the hand. Her health status is stable, but she had to remain in hospital to undergo surgery on the face to reconstruct the jaw area.

Police roam the neighborhood streets in search of people who might have seen how the shooting happened. Police want to know whether the victims knew who shot them and what was the motivation of the crime. The hypothesis of homophobia was not ruled out by investigators.

As almost all the time, the media refers to the trans women as males, naming them by their birth names and refusing to accept trans identities by labelling them as males aka gays, and by refusing to accept transphobia exists by labelling the attack as a possible “homophobic” one.

Travesti é encontrado morto em mata às margens da BR-060, em Rio Verde


Identificado travesti encontrado morto as margens da BR 060

 Tiros contra travestis no Rio podem ter sido motivados por homofobia

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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