Another Malaysian Transgender Woman Murdered over ‘phone theft’ Police Say

Klang Transgender murder
Klang Transgender murder
Four arrested for the Dec 12th beating death Photo The

For the second time in weeks, Klang police have taken the word of killers, while ignoring the obvious. On New Years Day they declared the heinous murder of a transgender woman, not a hate crime, but in retaliation for the theft of a phone.

On December 12th a transgender woman was found dead, beaten to death in Klang, Malaysia. According to Gay star News the four men arrested said she was beaten to death because she stole a phone. Inexplicitly, Klang Police took the word of these killers as fact and declared that her murder was not a hate crime!

New Year’s day another transgender murdered, another govt villainizing the victim while dehumanizing transphobic hate-crimes.

A 55-year-old man has been arrested and remanded for seven days to assist with the investigations.

According to initial investigations, The Star reports, the suspect accused the victim of having stolen his Oppo his cell phone. He confronted the victim, who denied his accusation.

She then allegedly jumped off the multi-purpose vehicle while it was still moving [supposedly resulting in the numerous contusions that resulted in her death].

ACP Shamsul Amar stressed that the incident was not a hate crime against the transgender community.

Activist Nisha Ayub took to Facebook exposing the ludicrous transphobic thought process police use.

Again the same old reason of handphone theft was the cause of the death of a Transgender Women. Just last month it was another case in the same area where 4 young boys beat up a Transgender Women till death and gave the same reason for causing such injuries that cause her death.

This time the murderer said the victim jumped of the car just because he accused her of stealing the phone? Which person would react in such a way if it’s not because of the feeling of fear or to avoid of being attacked?

Why didn’t the murderer stop his vehicle and try to save her, or even at least wait at the scene called the ambulance or police if he wasn’t guilty?
Why just because of argument on handphone theft leads to such tragic lost?

Malaysia’s state-sponsored homophobia/transphobia

Gay nightclubs raided, Transgender fundraisers terrorized, patrons forced into conversion treatment by the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department of Malaysia (JAKIM).

In 2017 a popular radio station posted a skit of two of their DJ’s throwing up after realizing a woman they were sexually attracted to was transgender. pulled the video down and appoligized after being called out for it by Nisha Ayub a well-known transgender activist. Ayub has campaigned against JAKIM proposed gender conversion program and for hate crime laws to properly punish such criminals.

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