Amiyah Scott Stuns in Fox series “Star”

Amiyah Scott

The transgender community was flush with excitement when Amiyah Scott landed a role with the “Real House Wives of Atlanta”, but that turned out to be just a cameo, dashing our hopes. As fate has it the world has bigger plans for this transgender woman of color and for good reason.

Amiyah Scott, a woman of depth, intelligence, and substance deserved better. This beauty’s demand for respect was heard and her perseverance has been rewarded with a part in Fox’s prime-time series “Star.”

“Star”, the story of a trio of women who brazenly abandon dead-end lives in search of success might seem contrived but in this instance, it’s real. And the fight has just begun. The popular Hollywood go to website IMDb lacks a synopsis and reviews by the Chicago trib declare it DOA.

So this is is it, how it all starts. Three women fighting for their lives against all odds. What could be more real than a transgender woman of color being amongst these dear hearts in the struggle?

Laverne Cox knows this answer all too well giving Amiyah Scott a much deserved boost on Instagram “just wanna give a shout out to @kingamiyahscott who made her acting debut last night in #LeeDaniels new show #Star. It is still a big deal to see trans people play trans roles on prime time television. I look forward to the day when it’s not a big deal.

But today I want to celebrate Amiyah for this amazing accomplishment and also want to celebrate @theoriginalbigdaddy #LeeDaniels for bringing this talent to the world. #TransIsBeautiful #Transvisability #Diversity #Inclusivity #Intersectionality

Director Lee Daniels tells correspondent James Terrell about how he coaxed trans social media star Amiyah Scott into being a part of his new Fox series “Star”.

Sources told that she was told to act much more “sexy” and “b****y,” which she wasn’t comfortable with.

Welp 🤗 seeing as that was the 1st (and probably last) glimpse of me on #RHOA tonight and I haven’t said anything about it (though the hype was craaazzzzzyyy) lmao. Let me say, I enjoyed ALL the ladies & I had a great time filming multiple scenes with them! Unfortunately due to contractual complications + the magic of editing, you won’t be seeing as much of me as expected. *whispers* (I don’t work for free. Lol. 😊) But everything happens for a reason & it was still an awesome experience! I’m in my 20’s and when this opportunity was BROUGHT to me, It was no guarantees & I was cool with that, but I wasn’t going to exploit myself or act out of character for it… I honestly saw a chance to help change the perspective of MY community, but I wanted to maintain my dignity. Housewife and Transgender aren’t words that are usually associated… Funny, because anyone who knows me knows that being a housewife is a dream of mine, not on reality tv, but in real life. 👰🏽 But contrary to popular belief, I personally know transgender housewives, models, doctors, lawyers and many other successful unique individuals, along with so many others who are fighting to break the negative stigma associated with the trans community. Not to mention, a lot of our opportunities are limited due to discrimination and that’s why most are forced into compromising occupations. But my point in this is to say, me filming with the #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta was not for attention, but to assist in breaking a stereotype. Trans women are not only sex objects or prostitutes. We are strong, educated & human just like everyone else. AND WE ARE HERE AND WE DEMAND RESPECT. And whatever I have to do to assist in that I will and won’t regret it. Now let me call my bf and schedule a hair appointment. 😂🙃😉

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Watch episode one online here.

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