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Americas Openly Gay Envoy For LGBT Rights To Visit Uganda


American President Barack Obama earlier this year created the position of Special Envoy for LGBT Rights in order to fight anti-LGBT legislation around the world and appointed openly gay senior diplomat Randy Berry to the role.

In one of his first assignments Berry will be facing an incredibly tough challenge as he travels to Uganda this summer, a country with very harsh homosexuality laws where being gay can lead to a sentence of life in prison.

Uganda passed a harsh Anti-Homosexuality Act last year, which increased their already harsh penalties for same-sex relationships.

Despite the law being struck down by Uganda’s Constitutional Court after finding that Parliamentary procedures had been abused to pass the law illegally, lawmakers are still planning to pass an even harsher law to replace it.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has fiercely defended his countries politics and their stance on LGBT issues, though by having already stated that he does not want to ‘kill our trading opportunities’ it may be possible that Berry might be able to convince him to reconsider his stance if given the proper incentive.



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