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American Federation of Teachers Slam the Texas Bathroom Bill

Texas Bathroom Bill

“Dan Patrick is waging a war on kids.” said Louis Malfaro, president of the 65,000-member Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers.

“Under Patrick’s lack of leadership, we’ve seen a failure to provide resources needed for Child Protective Services, resulting in thousands of children in need of care and supervision, and kids forced to sleep in state offices.” Said Malfaro. “We’ve seen Medicaid cuts that are devastating to disabled children and a lack of school funding that has led to denial of special education services. And now while our school finance system remains outdated and woefully inadequate to provide our students with the support they need, our lieutenant governor instead is fixated on passing a “bathroom bill.”

“This bill isn’t about providing safety or privacy. It’s an attempt to foment divisiveness, stigmatize vulnerable students, and distract us from what really needs our attention—more resources for our schools and educators.”

“Our school leaders and educators know that an inclusive and supportive environment for all students is the key to creating a learning community that benefits all kids. Transgender students often deal with significant emotional struggles and don’t need a crusading Dan Patrick to ban them from a bathroom for the gender they identify with and add to the challenges they face growing up and trying to get an education.”

“Our school districts should continue to support non-discrimination policies and respect all students’ unique needs. The lieutenant governor’s attempt to constrain school districts with a black-and-white law on bathroom usage is both unnecessary and counterproductive to creating an inclusive school environment.” said Malfaro

Beginning this year Texas transgender athletes will be effectively barred from participating in school sports by requiring athletes supply their birth certificates and/or ‘other supporting documents’ to verify their gender.

Equality Texas statewide transgender organizer Lou Weaver told Houston Public Media, the updated policy may not be localized to sports. “It also impacts choir, band, and other things,” explained Weaver. “So this has a broad reaching implication to our transgender students who want to participate in these kind of extracurricular activities while they’re in school.”

Texas Bathroom Bill

“The Big 12 Conference is aware of the filing of Senate Bill 6 in the Texas State legislature,” said Bob Burda, the league’s associate commissioner for communications. “We will track the bill’s progress through the legislature, and at an appropriate time discuss its impact with our member institutions.”

Lt Gov. Dan Patrick spoke with a conservative news radio host last week.

Dan Patrick is trying to allow business and professional sports wiggle room in hopes that they will ignore the immorality of SB6. But if history is any indicator that won’t happen.

“After having watched the debacle in North Carolina, it is shocking that the Lieutenant Governor would be so intent on pursuing SB6,” said Rebecca Robertson, legal and policy director of the ACLU of Texas, in a statement. “It’s unnecessary, discriminatory and inconsistent with the constitutional value of equal protection for all. And that’s to say nothing of the havoc it will wreak on the Texas economy should it pass. Make no mistake — the invidious intent of SB6 is to deny transgender Texans the ability to participate in public life.”

 Alongside human rights organizations that criticize the anti-transgender legislation, the Texas Association of Business said the state could lose between $964 million and $8.5 billion and up to 185,000 jobs if the bill passes. “If it’s like H.B. 2 in North Carolina, it’s discriminatory, and it’s bad for business,” said Chris Wallace, the president of Texas Association of Business. “We do not want our state to have an unwelcoming brand to future workers.”

Texas Bathroom Bill
So essentially everyone with a few notable exceptions in the white male dominated Texas legislature is against Texas Bathroom Bill, except Dan Patrick, but then again he should be too.

Dan Patrick when intoducing his Bathroom Bill to a crowd he knew were not receptive, the Texas State Business association, is on record saying that there is no reason to discriminate against transgender people.

Dan Patrick would feel a lot better had he known about The Evidence Refuting The Myth About Trans-Inclusive Bathrooms. Had he known that the “bathroom predator” myth has been repeatedly debunked — by experts and government officials in 16 states and the District of Columbia, and school administrators in 23 school districts and four universities.

Had Dan Patrick known that the cities of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, San Antonio, Brownsville, Houston, Waco have trans protections of varying degrees as does the Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, Austin ISD, Houston ISD, El Paso ISD, and Cedar Hill ISD some for a decade or more, all without incident, he wouldn’t have introduced a law to attack them with.

But more than likely that is exactly why Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick introduced the Texas Bathroom Bill SB6. Haters will Hate.


Texas Bathroom Bill
Click this picture and join with Texas Trans Pride informing our legislators about how we really feel.

Transgender Texans are fighting back. Trans Pride Initiative led by Dallas Activist Nell Gaither has begun a letter writing campaign and offered this statement to Planet Trans.

“Trans Pride Initiative is working to get information out about the problems with this proposed bill.” said Gaither.  It’s targeting students, and schools may be where it’s impact will be felt the greatest. Over the last few years, school districts around the state have been implementing policies against bullying and also incorporating gender identity in their nondiscrimination policies. It’s been a pretty big help in the urban areas,  and has offered leverage to encourage better anti-violence policies in school districts that haven’t caught up with the larger cities.”

“But now, it’s like the schoolyard bullies have grown up — well, have gotten older and gained power, but not necessarily grown up — and they don’t want to see the ability to harass those who are different curtailed. It’s a very dangerous situation, one that’s not only going to promote violence between students. About one-third of the students who experience violence related to their gender expression K-12 are harassed by teachers and staff, so efforts like this exacerbate that problem as well. In addition, this is telling students who are at an important stage of their development as individuals that their sense of self can be wrong or not legitimate. That’s incredibly damaging for self-esteem and can have life-long consequences.”

“The legislation also requires all state government subdivisions to adopt these policies. That in effect eliminates important aspects of existing municipal nondiscrimination policies, and will impact even places like shelters, such as the largest shelter in Dallas, which is operated by the city. But most persons will not draw a distinction between what is a “public” facility under this definition and a “public” space, so it’s highly likely we will see increased confrontations against trans persons — and persons thought to be trans by over-zealous defenders of gendered spaces — in all public interactions.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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