Amended Indiana RFRA offers exclusions for transgender people

Indiana amend post
“Hoosier hospitality had to be restored,” Bosma said.

In a Thursday morning press conference, state Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R) and House Speaker Brian Bosma (R) said they came up with the new language after speaking with business and civic leaders.

The news is filled with the catch phrase “LGBT protections included” but does the amended Religious Freedom Restoration Act include transgender people?

The proposed amendment goes much further than expected, explicitly including gender identity protections in public accommodations housing, workplace and housing.

Bosma and Long answered in unison with an unequivocal yes when asked if there was enough votes in the state legislature to get the amendment approved.

The inclusion of transgender and gay people was especially surprising since Governor Mike Pense had said yesterday that those protections ‘weren’t on the agenda’. The amended law still has to be signed by Pense.

But not everyone is happy. Angie’s List rejects the ‘religious freedom’ law fix, and calls it ‘insufficient’.

From the amendment on google cloud.

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