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Video: Texas Trans Teen Beaten by Classmate School Refuses To Help

Alpine Texas
Frame from the video / CBS7

A video of an Alpine Texas high school student punching a transgender classmate Sunday has gone viral putting the school’s administration on blast for their inaction.

The story as reported by CBS7 incorrectly framed this attack as one prompted by homophobia. The attacker is transphobic and beat the trans man because of his gender expression.

CBS7 spoke to the victim in an exclusive interview who said even with that video evidence, the student through the punches hasn’t faced any consequences.

He said the attack came out of nowhere.

The victim, who didn’t want to share his name on air said the attacker first cussed at him, then turned violent, shoving and punching the victim several times in the face while two friends watched and laughed.

“And he said it’s because he didn’t like me and he didn’t like who I was, that I just pissed him off,” he said.

Although the video has gone viral with thousands of views, the student attacked said the teens haven’t faced any consequences.

Alpine Texas ISD’s superintendent, Becky McCutchen explained because the fight happened off school property and on a weekend, there’s nothing the district can do unless the police make an arrest.

The student said that since the attack the bullying has intensified. He said that kids have told him that they wish he was dead while walking the hallways of his school.

His mother said that the school has brushed aside their complaints and simply walked away. Her son said that he would be surprised if this doesn’t happen again.

The transgender student’s family told CBS7 that they will be filing a lawsuit against the student who attacked him.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
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