Alesha TransAction Alliance Activist Murdered Janaza and Protests Planned

Ali funeral
TransAction Members have started to come from different areas to participate in the funeral of Alesha. We are sad but not afraid. “Remember We Are Trans Warriors” We will continue to fight. ‪#‎TransAction‬ ‪#‎BlueVeins‬

Alesha, TransAction Alliance Provincial coordinator of the Peshawar District, Pakistan, died this morning. Alesha was shot eight times yesterday and quickly brought to the hospital by friends, but the doctors refused to treat her. They said that they wouldn’t admit her to the ER and told her friends that they had no beds in the hospital for a transgender person.

Alesha was put into a hallway until the mayor of Peshawar came to the hospital and got her a room. But the mayor wouldn’t have come to the hospital and we may have never heard of this if not for a single Express Tribune article.

Despite all of this, the hospital still refused to treat her wounds and let her die.

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Alesha’s life and tragic death will not be in vain. She will be given a proper Muslim funeral, a first for the conservative region in Pakistan and a protest will happen at the Press club a few hours later. If you are in the area please try to attend. If not please share, share share. Thank you.

The Janaza of Transgender Activist Alesha will be offered at House of Mr.Qamar Naseem of Blue Veins at 50 A OPF Colony Budhni Road Doran Pur at 6: 00 Pm Sharp. This will be the first ever Janaza od Transgender offered publically in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Even after leaving this world. Alesha is breaking another myth about the funerals of Transgender persons

For direction; 03329227670

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ali press club

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