Albany Ga Transgender woman Bozz Tutie’s home shot at

Trigger warning: Cringe-worthy reporting by local media

Bozz 2

Bozz Tutie

Bozz Tutie tried to move her family to safety before her windows began shattering…
It’s not clear what events precipitated her house being shot at, possibly Tutie’s Facebook interactions.

Bozz Tutie told

“So I would expose them. One of the guys that I exposed, he called me and was threatening me talking about if I put his name up there, he was going to do this and that to me, but I didn’t take him seriously,” said Bozz Tutie.

Fast-forward a week later and Bozz Tutie’s house was shot up and had windows broken with bricks.

Tutie was outside just before it all happened. “I ran and closed the door and locked it because I have dead bolts on my door, and I told them to get down. And that’s when we heard glass shattering, and I told my son to get down, and he fell in the bathtub.”

Tutie remembers about five or six shots going off, one catching her son, but knows she was the real target, and it wasn’t random.

However, the reporting is a criminal. Bozz Tutie presents as a woman and her Facebook profile identifies her as female. There is no excuse for misgendering her and referring to living authentically as a ‘lifestyle’., Albany News, Weather, Sports

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