Aggressions, suicides and murders: the Brazilian trans reality

The Brazilian Trans Reality
The Brazilian Trans Reality
Transgender witnesses identify the killer at the police station in Rio Preto, Minas Gerais , Brazil. photo

Two Brazilian transgender witnesses enter a courthouse to identify the attackers. The Brazilian Trans Reality is we must stand up for our own or parish silently.

On the night of Sunday 24th January, Dani R.M.S.Pereira, a 20 years old trans woman was shot to death on the Jardim Paraíso neighborhood. She was still helped but died due to the injuries. On Wednesday 27th January, the Police arrested two brothers, 18 and 16, and another 16 years old teen as suspects of the crime, which was apparently transphobic.

Five days later two trans women, 21 and 24, were shot around 23h of Friday 29th January, in Cenobelino de Barros Serra Avenue, Parque Industrial neighborhood, in the city of Rio Preto, Minas Gerais state. Businessman Fábio Alexandre and his 16 years old son were detained on the spot and accused. Police also apprehended a rifle (listed as stolen) as the crime weapon, a revolver .22, a cell phone and some ammunition.

The victims were helped and received medical care. The 24-year-old woman was shot 5 times: one on the left chest, two in the right arm, one in the left wrist and one in the groin. At the time she remained hospitalized in a stable condition. The 21-year-old woman was hit in her left thigh and was released from the hospital the day after. This was the second crime against trans women at the time in Rio Preto.

Fernando Aleixo, the Military Police corporal who arrested the men said he was on patrol in the Avenue when a frightened motorcycle cab driver stopped him saying hat a man inside a white Saveiro (Volkswagen) pointed and fires a gun at him with a teenager inside. When investigating he found a terrified trans woman who told him that a man on a white Sameiro had fired against two of her friends and spanked two others, stealing one cell phone.

The vehicle was later found parked on São João street. At the time the Fábio denied any involvement in the crime. The rifle was later found at Fabio’ home. His statement then changed, saying he went with his son due to trans women have stolen his son’s cell phone.

The victims recognized the photos of the father and the son.


wittness. 2 PNG

The carbonized body of an unidentified trans woman was found Wednesday 15th June in the Pompeo neighborhood, near Palmares Paulista city.

According to police, the Palmare Paulista Military Police called the Catanduva Police saying that there was a body on a reed near Salvador Benaduzzi municipal road.

The body was carbonized with a rope tied to her neck. Next to him there was a wheel wrench and a women’s leather belt. No documents were found.

The body was taken to the legal medical Institute of Catanduva for examinations. It was not possible for the Technical Police to collect fingerprints of the woman to try to make the identification of the body due to the burning fingers.

Filed as a homicide, it is being investigated by police.



On the 16th of June we received information via FB that a trans woman was murdered on a double homicide. Suelen was her name. The other victim was a dancer, Rodrigo Queiroz..

They were both on a bar and were approached by a man. They then decided to leave the bar and apparenly the murderer followed them and fired about six rounds.

Her body is waiting to be buried in the legal medicine institute.

Source: facebook



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That same day, the 16th, at night, G.F.Lima, 21, a trans woman, was murdered by a knife blow to the neck on Cônego José Monteiro Noronha street, on the Nova Cidade neighbourhood, north zone of Manaus, in the state of Amazonia.

Accoding to the police, she was on the street with a friend when they were approached by two men on a motorcycle. One of the suspects stepped down and dealt a knife blow to the victim, who didn’t resist to the injuries and died on the scene.

Police ruled out robbery for no belongings of the victim were taken by the suspects. Family of the woman told police she was transgender. The body was taken to the legal medicine institute for examinations. it is being investigated by police.


An unidentified trans woman was clubbed to death in the early hours of Saturday 18th June in Cidade de Deus neighborhood, in the north zone of Manaus. There are no suspects of the crime at this time.

According to police, the crime happened around in the early hours of Saturday (05h) on the crossing of Tetéu street with Guarabira street. Locals told police they heard the victim asking for help and when arriving at the scene found the body near the plot of a house where she tried to escape.

Police also told she was wearing feminine clothes and near the body, a wig and make up were found. A piece of a wood stick was also found near the body, apparently used to beat her.

The victim appears to be between 19 and 25 years old. The case is under investigation.


In the early hours of saturday 18th June police and medical staff were called to attend a fire arm victim ientified only as a transgender woman.

According to the victim’s testimony, she was at a nightclub when two boys arrived on a green color motorcycle and asked if “the girls can leave?”. As soon as left the club, one of the boys draw a gun and fired twice at the transwoman. hitting her with one shot on the back and fled the scene.

The police searched unsuccessfully the proximities due to the lack of information. The victim was helped and taken to the hospital and is in no death risk. The case is under investigation.


Lorran Lorang, a 19 years old trans woman, was found dead on the morning of Wednesday 22n June on Praça da Liberdade, on the Petrópolis Historical Center on the Serrana region of the Rio de Janeiro state. foi encontrada morta no início da manhã desta quarta-feira na Praça da Liberdade, no Centro Histórico de Petrópolis, na Região Serrana do estado. Lorran was sitting on a playground swing and showed signs of hanging. According to police deputy Alexandre Ziehe, police belive that she committed suicide.

She was “dressed as a woman” and he feet were on the ground. According to Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo Castelano, she hung herself with a pair of leggings. police only found footprints matching the victim, although she showed signs of trying to free herself from the leggings.

Deputy Zehe stated that, although experts have found it was a suicide, police will still investigate the possibility of murder – “We’ll see if we can get some nearby local images to see if she was alone. Meanwhile, the medical report will be ready” “said Zehe, stating also that it’s possible for a person to hang herself even with their feet on the ground – “It’s possible. I already came across some three of such cases. When a person presses the object in his neck and the brain gets no oxygen, the person begins to become unconscious.

The case happened two days before the start of the traditional Bauernfest, the Feast of the german Settler, held since 1990. Locals complain that, for at least one year, drug users have gathering at night in the square.


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