Julianna Fialkowski arrested for helping a suicidal trans teen

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Lynchburg advocate Julianna Fialkowski couldn’t have imagined saving a trans youth’s life might mean destroying her own future.

What of Aubrey Mariko Shine, Zander Mahaffey, Eylül Cansın, Jay Ralko, Taylor Alesana Ash Haffner, Andi Woodhouse, Jay Ralko, and Blake Brockington? Most of those named were in their teens and all were under 25 when they committed suicide. And all of these tragic deaths since December 2014 might have been avoided if an advocate brave enough had been at the right place at the right time as Fialkowski was.

Would those advocates have been subjected to arrest as well?

How this travesty of justice came about.

Julianna Fialkowski began a transgender community support group in what she calls “the barren and unforgiving climate of small town Lynchburg, VA” but soon ran afoul of local bigots. She says that she was arrested without cause, made to strip in front of male deputies, misgendered and dehumanized while remanded in county jail.

“In the process of helping persons of all ages to explore their identities in a safe space with like-minded sponsors and adults,” Julianna Fialkowski wrote “I have come to be personally attacked by the hateful parent of an attending minor.”

“Within just eleven days of meeting this child, their father has brought police to disrupt my life, taking out his frustration and fear on me.”

“Worse still, in the process of being arrested for false claims, I have been severely mistreated by the legal system of the city. I’ve been kept from knowing the extent of my charge, jailed with ridiculous bonding amount, and made to strip nude, exposing myself and my breasts before four male deputies.”

“I have never been arrested, charged ever before in my life, and certainly not with a criminal offense. Furthermore, never has the injustice done to transgender women on a daily basis ever demonstrated its violent ignorance so heavily and centrally upon my person.”

According to an article published by gayrva.com Fialkowski found out about the unnamed, 17-year-old transmale after a cry for help went out on the social media site Facebook late last month. The youth claimed that he was self-harming- adding that he was suicidal.

Fialkowski said that she was also led to believe that the youth was being forced out of his house.

She and a prayer chaplain from her support group Lindy Ramsey, went to the youths house and an argument ensued between the youth and his father, who subsequently demanded that he leave home. Fialiowski said she prayer chaplain, Lindy Ramsey took him to Ramseys’s home  with the permission of the youth’s father. Early the next morning his father came to pick him up with police in an interaction that Fialiowski described as “civil”.

Later that day the police returned to Ramsey’s home and questioned Fialiowski assuring that she was in no trouble, but Later returned with a warrant. Fialiowski turned herself in that evening and said “Several members of the Lynchburg PD, and the magistrate specifically, were exceptionally discriminatory.”

She called the ordeal a “gross mishandling of her person.”

Ramsey. a Christian out lesbian prayer chaplain was not charged despite housing the youth and being present.

Fialkowski made bail but is asking for donations to help with the legal expense. The Go Fund Me campaign has raised $4,700 in three days towards the $6,000 goal.

More about this at gayrva.com/news


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9 Responses to Julianna Fialkowski arrested for helping a suicidal trans teen

  1. tart sweet September 4, 2015 at 12:11 am

    your sweet little activist here was just arrested this week for making and/or distributing child pornography, and is being held on an 8 million dollar bond – so you might want to skip the hero worship.

  2. Kelli Busey September 4, 2015 at 6:21 am

    Tart Sweet 8 million dollar bail? Really? Links?

  3. Kelli Busey September 5, 2015 at 6:35 am

    Shady outfit to say the least. There’s still absolutely nothing on the web about this. Arrest.org makes money extorting people publishing records that appear to be official but often contain erroneous information and sometimes even outright lies. I need links from reputable sources. We are a reputable news source. If this is true we would report it.

  4. tartsweet September 5, 2015 at 10:42 am

    i have no idea about the website; how could they put that information on there and not be sued?

  5. Kelli Busey September 11, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    Tartsweet you were right. It took some digging, but Claire got to the bottom of this. Thank you for alerting us to this.

    Trans Advocate Julianna Fialkowski Charged with Child Pornography

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