Achille ISD parents plot hate crime against a preteen transgender student

achille ISD

achille ISD

Adults posting on the official Achille ISD Oklahoma Facebook page conspired to physically and emotionally harm a transgender 12-year-old student.

Achille ISD

The threats ranged from making life difficult for the transgender child so ‘it wouldn’t come back’ to threats indicating a parent’s willingness to ask their children to beat up her up.

One parent commented that he had a knife with which he could stab her with.

UPDATED 8/13/2018
The family of the transgender child has been traumatized to the point that they now fear for their lives. They haven’t been living at home.
Achille ISD will be closed until Wednesday for ‘safety concerns’.

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The Achille ISD (Independent School District) Facebook page is a personal profile which can only be accessed by a friend request. But concerned individuals with access to the Achille ISD facebook profile shared screenshots of the egregious comments with Hate Trackers which published them on their website.

Hate Trackers reported that on Friday, August 10, 2018, an emergency protective order was filed against Burney Crenshaw in Bryan County Court by the mother of the transgender child. Crenshaw appears to be heading the group of adults trying to do harm to this child.

Understandably, the transgender student and family are currently asking for confidentiality. They live just north of the Red River area where Texas AG Keneth Paxton went for a transgender bathroom lawsuit by a crony Texas ISD superintendent.

Someone using a Yahoo email address contacted Dare James via his website possibly committing a felony by impersonating a police officer.
Achille ISD
You may remember the delightful Seth Shelbie Cooper. He messaged Hate Trackers Dare James making a threat on behalf of himself and Burney.

The Achille Police Department has no website and calls to a number listed on Google went unanswered.

NewsOK is reporting that Superintendent Rick Beene said he could not talk specifically about the targeted student, but told The Oklahoman the school takes the social media comments seriously.

“Achille schools and administration take the safety of every student very serious,” Beene said in a statement he read over the phone. “Private discussions held on the social media do not reflect the views of Achille school, staff, administration or school board. Achille school believe everyone should receive a safe and free education. We have a very talented staff that cares about each and every student.”

Another school official, who was not authorized to speak for the district, told The Oklahoman the district has been in contact with local law enforcement concerning the matter.

Concerned parties can contact the Achille Elementary School by calling principal Lora Stanglin at (580) 283-3002 or emailing her at

The Achille ISD superintendent Rick Beene can be reached at (580) 283-3775 or by emailing

It only took a few days for this to get national attention. One of the better news reports to date.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. […] Dare James, god bless his heart, learned of this atrocity and took action on his site Hate Trackers thoroughly doxxing every offender. Their home, their pictures, what they posted, criminal records, and where they worked. Doxxing is serious business and must be only used when there has been clear criminal or malicious intent and only to facilitate law enforcement. That is exactly why we reposted much of this information here “Achille ISD parents plot hate crime against a preteen transgender student”. […]

  2. These “parents” need to either a) be locked up (Half of those parents…Why aren’t they locked up?) or b) have their children removed from the school. I know that sounds harsh removing their children from the school. They don’t seem to get it. Until it affects them personally, they wont get it.


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