Academic Julia Gasper Compares LGBT Texts To Paedophillia


Julia Gasper


Well known anti-LGBT+ activist Dr Julia Gasper has attacked Oxford University’s social sciences library via Twitter for stocking LGBT+ literature.

The library posted an image to show their support for LGBT+ history month and showcased a number of the books they stock that cover LGBT+ issues.

Dr Gasper launched into a torrent of tweets that aimed abuse at the library, stating that ‘this unsavoury paedophile movement should have no publicity or promotion from any university’.

She described stocking LGBT+ texts as being ‘a disgrace to Oxford’ and went on to say that ‘Most ‘LGBT’ history is invention, fantasy or wild distortion and it has no place in academia.’

She has also since contacted one of the librarians demanding that he remove the books.

Julia Gasper Hate Tweets

Dr. Gaper is a former member of the political party UKIP, but found that the party wasn’t extreme enough in their views and has since joined the English Democrats.

In the past she has described homosexuality as a ‘form of behaviour’ rather than a sexual orientation and claimed that same sex attraction is a choice.

She has complained that LGBT+ people have complained ‘constantly of persecution’ and that we are not sufficiently greatful to hetrosexual people for creating us.  She has also opposed marriage equality, gay families adopting children and has stated that there are strong links between male homosexuallity and paedophillia.

In 2013 she published posts on a UKIP forum that described LGBT+ people as ‘lunatics’, reitterated the link between homosexuality and paedophillia, and claimed that LGBT+ people prefer sex with animals over other humans.  This resulted in the forum being shut down and she was even publically condemned as having a ‘war against homosexuals’ and being ‘unacceptable’ by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Since then she has also claimed that the LGBT+ community have fabricated the Nazi persecution of LGBT+ people, and has attacked World AIDS Day as a celebration of HIV/AIDS and homosexuality.


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