ABC13 report on Jennifer Dettloff arrest reeks of transphobia

Putting a name in parentheses invalidates a person's identity. A fact apparently not missed by ABC.

Jennifer arrested

Ryan who’s alias ‘apparently’ is “Jennifer” convicted by CBS of being apparently  “transgender”.

ABC13 never used the word ‘allegedly’ in reporting this incident convicting her without benefit of a trial.

Why is it that so many north Ohio media outlets they can’t seem to help but show their bias?  When media puts a name in parentheses as ABC did you call into question that person’s validity.

By bringing that persons right to exist into question and  linking the crime as ABC did with her ‘apparent’ transgender status they are not only convicting her,  they are also criminalizing our whole community by association.

ABC choose to spin it this way as reported on Sept 26th for the incident occurring on the 25th, Trigger warning:

Source ABC13: In Michigan, a Dundee Township resident is behind bars after crashing into a police car while under the influence.

Officers say Ryan Dettloff, who goes by “Jennifer,” was caught inhaling an aerosol can, or “huffing,” in a bank parking lot.

It happened yesterday near the Monroe Bank and Trust on South Custer Road.


Qustions, comments?

When officers arrived, the report says they found a woman slouched over in her car. The sergeant tried to unlock the car by breaking out a back window, but the suspect put the car into reverse, crashing into the police car behind him.

The sergeant then broke out the driver’s window and pulled the keys out of the ignition.

Dettloff was arrested and booked at the Monroe County Jail. Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

According to Just  huffing isn’t easily detectable.

“The most common ingredient in this type of product is tetrafluoroethane. The half-life of this agent in the body is very short (about 1 hour) – which means that concentration decreases by 1/2 each hour. In 2 hours you are down by 75%, by 3 hours is has decreased by 87.5% etc.”

“This particular study looked at the excretion of this chemical from the body in volunteers.
National insitute of health study: Toxicokinetics of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) in male volunteers after experimental exposure.
“Generally blood testing would be better to identify this substance, however if done more than a few hours after use, it may be falsely negative”

Fact check
According to CBS Ms, Dettloff was asleep when police approached her car. When awoken, apparently startled, she put it into reverse accidentally backing into a patrol car. It takes special testing to ascertain for certain if an individual is huffing.

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