Abbott angry at party rebellion is “open” to multiple special sessions

Sid Miller a Republican with a history of posting racist and sexist remarks on social media confirmed in a written statement he came down with Covid 19 just weeks after protesting maskless at Abbotts mansion.


Texas Gov Greg Abbott said in a press conference that while he “strongly supports” the ban on transgender girls playing sports it would be his decision to call a special session, and “not like it was in the past.”

Abbott was referring to 2017 when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick rode roughshod over him and in a humiliating defeat failed in a special session to get his Bathroom Bill passed.

“That’s pretty goofy,” Abbott said of Patrick’s demand for a special session. “Everybody knows there’s only one person with the authority to call a special session, and that’s the governor. And only I have that ability. And only I will execute that authority.”

He seemed very annoyed that not everyone would kneel to his highness as his party rebelled against his grab for power. The Texas trans athlete ban AKA the bathroom bill 2.0, only made it to the House floor because the traitorous Democrat Rep. Harrold Dutton revived it at the last moment and voted it out of his committee.

Forbes interpreted his answer differently reporting that Abbott “brushed off calls from fellow Republicans to hold a special legislative session.”

That is understandable if you live outside of Texas given the absurdity of the situation.

Abbott joked that this happens at the end of every session comparing passing bills that kill innocent children to a college football game in overtime.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) and a handful of members of the deeply hateful “Texas Freedom Caucus” want a special session to pass three bills: one would ban transgender students from playing school sports using their chosen identity, another would allow lawsuits against social media companies for censorship claims and the third would limit taxpayer-funded lobbying.

The bills are highly popular among the GOP’s Trump-supporting base, and similar bills have been passed in other states with ham-handed Republican Governors.

Patrick reportedly responded to Abbott’s remarks, stating, “It’s not goofy to ask the Governor for a special session and he said this week ‘well, the two teams they can get together the last few days.’”

“Well, the rules say on Tuesday in the House those bills were dead. They can’t be revived so the only way we can pass them is to request a special session,” said Patrick.

In addition to Patrick, a number of Klu Klux Klan Southern Baptist lawmakers have indicated their support for a special session to address the priorities that died in the House, including all members of the Texas Freedom Caucus, Reps. Bryan Slaton (R-Royse City), James White (R-Hillister), Jeff Leach (R-Plano), Scott Sanford (R-McKinney), Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg), Jeff Cason (R-Bedford), Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington), and Sen. Bob Hall (R-Edgewood).

A special session is already expected to be held this fall in order for the legislature to address redistricting, and Abbott has said that he would also ask lawmakers to determine how federal COVID-19 relief funds are used.


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